18 Things That SUNY Delhi Students Complain About

18 Things That SUNY Delhi Students Complain About

SUNY Delhi is a small school which makes it easy to get bored and complain.

SUNY Delhi is a small school which makes it easy to get bored and complain. But really every campus has its flaws. So, here are the top 18 things I hear Delhi students most commonly complain about.

1. Small Everything

A small town means a small campus and small class sizes. It's almost like high school again. You're kind of familiar with everyone, even if you only see them every day in the dining hall. Except for those who live off campus--unless you know them personally or from class, they're pretty much alien to you. It's also really hard to have friends in your room, let alone live in it if you don't have a single.

2. Male to female ratio

When you attend a school that offers statistically male dominated fields, the numbers aren't going to even out the way everyone would hope.

3. Not being able to buy food after a party

Now that the local Price Chopper closes at midnight, the only options are C-Store (thanks to the change in hours late in the spring semester), the gas station, or if you know someone with a car, a long drive to Oneonta (with the help of a DD of course). If all else fails, just hope you have some food stashed back at the room.

4. Bronco Bucks

There are two types of people at Delhi; the ones who never spend any of their Bronco Bucks and binge spend at the end of the semester, and then theres the ones who always seem to be Bronco Broke. It always seems like the second type is the majority.

5. The Hill

Admittedly, if it weren't for The Hill, it would be so much easier to walk into town. The Hill is the one thing you don't look forward to walking up after a party.

6. Mac-attack

Every Delhi student has experienced Mac-attack, and agrees that they'd rather live off of C-Store. But most people eventually learn that the only time to eat at Mac is if you want the unlimited drinks/ice cream/cereal, or if it's Accepted Students Day.

7. The Wi-Fi/cell service

Delhi College; a school where the majority of your work is online but its located on a mountain in the middle of nowhere so good luck getting Wi-Fi.

8. Dry campus

Even though this doesn't stop on-campus drinking, it's still pretty annoying and complaint-worthy--especially if you're 21 and over.

9. The long wait for pasta

Ever want to stop at Farrell for some pasta between classes? Well, think again because you're either going to be making your way to class late, or you're going to settle for something that you didn't really want.

10. The shuttle

"Take the shuttle," they said. "It won't be that bad," they said. Cramping in a shuttle that usually smells can be awkward when the driver seems to think they're straight out of "Fast and Furious" while they try to make conversation about your college life. It also takes forever to get picked up, so just hope it isn't cold.

11. Cramped dirty frat houses after running out of alcohol or getting busted after an hour

It's always a good time until there are no more drinks, or until the cops show up outside.

12. Farrell not opening until 4:30 on weekends

Waking up before 4:30 on a weekend is hard when Mac is your only option and it's mostly just breakfast food. Don't get me wrong--there are perks to an all-day breakfast, but sometimes we just want some real food.

13. The cold

Welcome to Delhi, where it can go from sunny to below zero and snowing in a matter of 5 minutes.

14. Pledging

If you want to be part of a fraternity/ sorority, the process can be extremely difficult and push you to your limits. Sometimes it can affect your grades and force you to drop. Every process is different which means different things to complain about. It can be tiring, but once you make it to the end, everything you complained about will have paid off.

15. The amount of effort it takes just to get to the gym/bubble

Its more of a workout and actually takes more motivation just to make your way up to the gym than it does to start your gym routine. College on a mountain problems.

16. Living in Russell hall

The rooms are definitely the smallest and the building and bathrooms are pretty filthy. Plus its one of the farthest from where most classes are held.

17. The fake Mac madness nights

There's nothing worse than looking forward to Mac madness, and you walk in to find out that they're serving pancakes.

18. Laundry rooms

When it gets to the point that you have to drag your laundry to another floor to do it, you earn the right to complain. The laundry rooms are where it becomes every man for himself. Nothing's more annoying than waiting for a washer and finding that someone has left their clothes in there for hours or when you find your clothes thrown all over the floor.

Waiting for a washer/ dryer to open up like...

Cover Image Credit: Delhi Merit Pages

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1. He has always been there.

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For these reasons and more, my dad will forever be my No. 1 man. I love you!

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