18 Slang Terms For New Olivet College Students

18 Slang Terms For New Olivet College Students

So you aren't confused wondering why no one talks about the "caf" or how people live at a Ship.

Your first year at OC involves a lot of learning the slang terms regularly used by returners and faculty members, so this article is here to help! Your first week around campus you will probably be a little confused hearing terms like, “brunch at the KC” and “are you headed to ship after class?” So in order to avoid the confusion, here’s your unofficial guide to Olivet!

1. The KC

The KC is probably going to be the first slang term you’ll need. The KC is officially named the “Kirk Center.” You’ll notice unlike other colleges we don’t use the term “caf.” The KC is home to the cafeteria, bookstore, mailroom, newspaper office, and the African American Cultural Center. The main floor is home to the cafeteria, where you’ll go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the famous brunch. Weekend meals are different so instead of breakfast and lunch on Saturdays and Sundays you get Brunch. On weeknights the KC is also home to “late night.” Late night is from 8:30pm-midnight and offers pizza, nachos, and other kinds of late night cravings.

2. Mott

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The CS Mott Academic Building. This is where you will have most of your basic classes. It’s also home to the Auditorium, Student Services, Campus Safety, and Student Resources.

3. The Mott Cart

If you are on your way to class and in a pinch for time, this will be your savior. The Mott cart is located right when you walk in the South entrance of Mott (closest to Shipherd). It sells coffee, tea, and even breakfast and lunch foods for when you can’t make it to the KC. Even if you have plenty of time to get to class, the employee who usually is in charge of the Mott Cart, Marcia, is someone you’ll want to talk to because she is one of the sweetest people you’ll meet here.

4. Ship

Named after our founder, Father Shipherd, Shipherd Hall is the home to many students during the school year. But more often than not it is just referred to as “Ship.”

I.e., “Where do you live?” “Oh, Ship 120!” The other dorms, Dole and Blair, pretty much go by their names since they are already short.

5. Seminar

For a majority of students this is the only class attended on Wednesdays at either 9:00 am or 10:40 am depending on your major. This is where you meet with everyone in your major and work on academic plans, attend presentations, and your dreaded graduation portfolio.

6. Society Houses

Here’s a mini slang guide to society houses. Society Houses are commonly known as Fraternities and Sororities. Due to their letters they are also commonly known as Greek Houses and Greek Life. I’ll just give you basic information about them, if you want to learn more, I suggest attending their rushing events, known as teas, smokers, and tokers!

i. Soronian

Iota Kappa Omicron, one of the oldest sororities in the nation, along with the first Sorority at Olivet. Founded in 1847, their house is located across from the KC.

ii. Phi Alph

Phi Alpha Pi, one of the oldest fraternities in the nation, along with the first at Olivet, they were founded in 1847. Their House is located across from Blair next to the Music Conservatory.

iii. Adelphic

Adelphic Alpha Pi. A Fraternity founded in 1862, their house is located across from Shipherd, next door to Mott.

iv. Sigma

Sigma Beta. A sorority founded in 1907, their house is located next door to Phi Alph.

v. Kappa Sig

Kappa Sigma Alpha. A fraternity founded in 1922, their house is currently being built next door to Alpha E on Main St.

vi. Alpha E

Alpha Lamda Epsilon. Founded originally as a sorority in 1922, but in 1975 began to accept men as well. Making them a coed society house. Their house is located across from Dole.

vii. Nu Gamma

Nu Gamma Xi. A sorority founded in 1997, their house is across the street from Soronian, and diagonal from the KC.

viii. ELITE

Alpha Xi Omega. A fraternity founded in 1995 (they were actually a club since the 1970s.), and they actually have a new house, located next door to Nu Gamma Xi, and behind the KC.

ix. A Phi K

Alpha Phi Kappa. A fraternity founded in 1997, is located diagonal from Mott.

x. Eta Psi

Eta Psi Kappa. A sorority, founded in 2001. Their house is conjoined with A Phi K, their brother house.

xi. Mu

Mu Omega Pi. The youngest Greek house, a fraternity established in 2001.

7. G-5, G-9, G-1, etc.

When people say they are going to G-1 to hang out, or that they live in G-9, they are referring to the nine apartments that make up the Gillette Student Village.

8. Oak Hill

A student apartment building located on Butterfield Hwy down the street from the Lamplighter.

9. The Lamp

One of the only restaurants in Olivet, and home to several “college nights” throughout the year. It is located across the gas station.

10. Tim’s

The pizza place in Olivet. If you are ever in the mood for hand dip ice cream or delicious cheese bread, Tim’s is in downtown Olivet.

11. BP

The gas station. It is actually now owned by Marathon, but since it was BP for several years, upperclassmen will probably still refer to it as BP.

12. Cut

The Cutler Event Center. If you are a student athlete, this is where you will spend most of your time at Olivet. This is where the Athletic Training room, Coaches’ offices, and locker rooms are located.

13. Upton/MacKay

The two other gyms on campus. As they are conjoined in a single building some find them hard to distinguish between. MacKay is located up front, built in 1917, where Upton is toward the back and includes the College’s swimming pool, erected in 1980. Upton also includes the Laimbeer Fitness Center, a weight room open to all students and faculty. MacKay also has a computer lab upstairs if you are in a pinch and need to print anything!

14. The Square

This is the basic center of campus. The little park area in front of Mott, the Library, the KC, and really all the buildings on Main Campus. Here you’ll find the bell.

15. The Lib

Pretty basic slang term for the library.

16. ITS

Information Technology Services, located in the basement of the library, this is who you see if you need help with Wi-Fi, your laptop or anything technology related.

17. The Physical Plant

Some students don’t actually know what this is but I want you guys to. The Physical Plant are the people who keep this campus running smoothly. This includes Maintenance, Grounds, and Housekeeping. Their jobs are to complete work orders, fixing various things around campus (including things broken in your on campus living areas) making sure the outside parts of campus are looking beautiful and safe, and cleaning the various buildings on campus. So make sure if you ever see a Maintenance, Grounds, or Housekeeping Employee you are polite! You never know when one of them might have to save your day!

18. OC Nation

The big family you have now entered as a Student or Faculty member at Olivet College! Go Comets!

Cover Image Credit: Active Rain

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