18 Lessons I've Been Faced With In 18 Years
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18 Lessons I've Been Faced With In 18 Years

Here's to the lessons learned and mistakes waiting to be made.

18 Lessons I've Been Faced With In 18 Years

18 years here.

18 years of mistakes.

18 years of lessons.

18 years of growth.

18 years of living.

Happy blooming.

1. You are not as weird, alone and different as you're convinced that you are.

The world is so big, the brain is so complex, it would actually be amazing if anybody actually was normal.

2. Love comes in more forms than just your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Learn how to love your mind and your body. Practice loving the Earth and the sun. Demonstrate love everyday with your family and friends. Incorporate love into your morning stretch. You can find love everywhere and anywhere, all shapes and forms. Get that one expectation of love out of your head. Stop searching for it, instead open your eyes and feel it because love is running through all of us.

3. It's not about what you do, it's all about HOW you do it.

Whether you're starting up a new project, sitting on your yoga mat, walking your dog, everything and anything in life.. it's not about what you're doing, it's about how you are doing it. Do things with love and with ease. Take your time. When you focus on the journey instead of the outcome, you will find that the little joys and accomplishments along the way are usually better than the outcome itself.

4. Screw society norms and stop being a walking carbon copy of everyone else around you.

Find your authentic self. There is more to life than looking flawless and 200+ Instagram likes. Find a new talent, practice a new instrument, take up a new hobby. Start thinking for yourself, find your personal style, and do things that actually fulfill you. *Remember, it's not what you do. It's how you do it.*

5. You are doing so much better than you think you are.

We are our toughest critics and our negative thoughts can get alarmingly powerful and convincing. You are doing such an amazing job. I mean you're here, alive, living, reading this article! Just to be alive in this world can sometimes be the hardest task, so you're doing an amazing job regardless of your flaws and your past. Try to see yourself through the perspective that a stranger would see you.

6. Always stand up after getting knocked down.

The pain of growing out of your comfort zone and falling down and getting back up, is so much more worth it than the pain of being too scared to even take the chance to try it.

7. You CAN change bad/old habits

With some time and determination, you CAN change any negative thought patterns and any old habits that you have picked up on along your journey through life. You have the power to change anything and everything in your life. Your thoughts create your reality, and your future is made up of your actions. Be mindful and think good thoughts.

8. Don't spend your teenage years obsessed over a relationship.

Teenage years are such vulnerable times; where you create yourself, think for yourself, discover what feels good and what doesn't serve you. Have fun, experiment and don't take life too seriously. Don't be so obsessed with finding your "one true love."

9. Create a self-love routine.

We ALL need to give our bodies the proper care and love they deserve, and we all can find ourselves stress eating at 12 AM, or internally crying as we walk through the halls at school. It happens to us all. No matter the circumstances in your life, this routine should be personalized to fit your own body, your schedule, and your needs. We are our own superstar in our life movie, so let's treat ourselves like one.

10. Don't hold back when you know you shouldn't.

Take that chance, stand up, and speak your voice. Everyone's biggest regret in life is not doing something because their second guesses and overthinking held them back.

11. Sometimes all you need is to get in touch with your spirituality or religious side, or both.

There is something so powerful in being able to turn your focus outward, as you learn to trust and have faith in a higher power. It is a beautiful journey. You can find support in a force that you never saw the power in before. You can become open to the daily miracles that appear everyday in our lives.

12. Don't spend each morning waking up and automatically checking your phone.

Sit on the porch, appreciate the morning air, do some breathing exercises, and actually live out a morning routine. We take for granted a ton of morning beauty.

13. Always reconnect back to your childhood.

Things get shaky and start to get hectic around the end of high school/beginning of college. The transitioning stage into an adult is not easy at all, but don't forget where you came from. We were all little kids at one point, and we all deserve to honor that little kid inside of us.

14. If there is any uncertainty, don't ignore that.

If you know deep down this friendship isn't serving you, change it. If you know you really don't want to purse this degree, don't. You know yourself the best, which means, you are the ultimate decision maker. Have confidence and faith, and follow your heart.

15. When someone presents negativity towards you, walk away.

It says everything about them and nothing about you. Pride yourself on being the bigger person and give that person extra love in return.

16. It is so worth finding and creating a solid support system who helps you grow into a better version of yourself.

Find people who celebrate your successes and who brag about your accomplishments. You deserve friends who spend their free time bringing people up, not bringing people down- be that friend as well. You attract like-minded energy and people towards you.

17. Get clear and write down what you want for your future.

A tip to get you exactly where you want in life, even if that just means being happier and healthier, is being crystal clear on what you want to manifest and attract in your life and how you're going to make that possible. Sometimes all you need is a big smile and a lot of faith. Other times, you will need a set plan and set actions to achieve it.

18. Drop the comparisons.

It is so unnecessary to compare two different, unique, beautiful human beings. One's beauty does not take away from another's beauty. Every single one of us has flaws, so why get caught up in those? It really is not worth it in this short lifetime.

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