While reflecting on 2016 and thinking of resolutions for 2017, I quickly remembered how many of the people in my life (myself included) come up with resolutions that we only work towards for a couple of months and then give up on. In honor of 2017, here are 17 "resolutions" that will help you have a happier and more successful year.

1. Be healthier

This is a realistic goal according to who you are as a person. Set goals for YOU. Don't piggy back on what others are doing.

2. Drink more water

This one is pretty self explanatory. Even if you just drink one more small glass of water a day than you did last year, then you are already succeeding.

3. Try something new

Go visit that new place, or learn how to cook a new meal, anything that's new and exciting for you will work to fulfill this resolution.

4. Take time to care for yourself

Do something nice for yourself once a week; take a long bath, read your favorite book, go get your nails done, etc.

5. Spend more time outside

This is good for your health, just remember to take all necessary precautions like using sunscreen and bug spray.

6. Be more patient with others

You never know what is going on with other people and what they are going through.

7. Quit one bad habit

It's difficult to kick old habits. We all have multiple things that we do that aren't beneficial to us, just choose one and say "Bye!". Some examples include; nail biting, smoking, eating when bored, etc.

8. Volunteer more

Spend more time, money and/or energy trying to improve your community.

9. Move more

Sit less, start taking daily walks, bike rides or go for a run.

10. Remember your goals and the big picture

Work towards the goals that you already have and do whatever it takes to achieve them in the new year.

11. Make your own coffee at home

If your a coffee addict like I am, then making your own coffee at home just once or twice a week can help save you lots of money over the course of a full year.

12. Clean out your closet

Go through your closet and find items that you haven't worn in over a year. If you can't think of when you'll wear it again next, don't keep it. Donate or sell what you don't wear.

13. Get an annual check up

Your health is important! Make sure to make it a priority.

14. Build an emergency kit

Some ideas include kits for natural disasters and general emergency kits to keep at home. Emergency kits for in the car are also great to have.

15. Start a budget

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself this year. Creating a budget is beneficial for, not only 2017, but years to come.

16. Spend more time with friends and family

Spend time with those who want to see you succeed this year, and rid yourself of the rest.

17. Do more of what makes you happy

Whatever 'fills your cup' and makes you happy, do more of that!