No one likes to get their wisdom teeth out, but luckily it only has to happen once. When you get your wisdom teeth out, it’s approximately a two to three day recovery period where you can’t do much physical activity or eat hardly anything. In order to get through these trying times, here is a list of 17 things you can do while recovering from your wisdom teeth surgery.

1. Sleep

2. Watch movies

3. Write odyssey articles

4. Complain

5. Let other people take care of you

6. Did I mention complain?

7. Catch up on all your Netflix Shows

8. Make smoothies

9. Make milkshakes

10. Let other people buy you smoothies and milkshakes

11. Invite friends over to keep you company

12. Or lay around being super bored

13. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon

14. Read a book

15. Catch up on some summer assignments

16. Cuddle with you cat and dog

17. Spend hours on Pinterest looking at all the food you can’t eat

Getting your wisdom teeth isn’t fun, but it doesn’t last forever. Only 2-3 days of recovery isn’t too bad. Plus, now you’ll have plenty of things to do while you’re down.