If you're truly a "Grey's Anatomy" fanatic, you've most likely yelled at the top of your lungs, "Push 10 of EPI!" or "Begin chest compressions!" in a very minor situation, such as when someone has a paper cut. I do it all of the time, a little too much to be honest. You really believe that you could perform a cranitomoy or transform into Miranda Bailey and complete numerous sequences of genome mapping if it came down to it.

This beautiful, heart-breaking and sorrow-filled American drama series has taught us many lessons, which only lead us to obsess even more. From George O'Malley to Derek Shepherd, and from bombs in bodies to the devastating plane crash, it has accurately been an emotional roller coaster, which we somehow keep looking forward to.

Being a fanatic, you feel as if you personally know each and every character. Without hesitation, you can tell Arizona Robbins' life story and thoroughly explain in detail all of Alex Karev's relationships to absolutely anyone. Richard Webber has gained a special spot in your heart and you don't bother questioning anymore how everyone somehow seems to be related.

Shonda Rhimes is always throwing a new plot twist at you and every single time, you let your guard down waiting for the next tragedy to happen. You're undoubtedly a "Grey's Anatomy" fanatic if:

1. The deaths of main characters on the show still hits home for you everyday, no matter how long it has been.

2. You've learned many life lessons from Cristina Yang.

3. You truly believe you're a surgeon. "Is there a doctor in here?"

4. You'll never forget Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey's relationship.

5. And when Jackson Avery confessed his love for April Kepner at her wedding.

6. The idea of having "a person" has taken over your daily vocabulary.

7. You've debated on changing your entire career plan to working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

8. These are the doctors you want working on you, or going out with you.

9. You've been touched on a spiritual level by numerous characters.

10. When you're stuck, you ask yourself, "What would Cristina Yang do?"

11. The shooter episode nearly gave you a heart attack. It was worse than when Izzie Stevens cut the LVAD wire.

12. You constantly attempt to diagnose your friends.

13. You say, "It's a beautiful day to save lives" way too often.

14. Thursday is your favorite day of the week and when the series isn't on, your Thursdays feel off.

15. You give all of your McFriends McNames with McLove.

16. Dance parties in your living room makes everything better.

17. You don't know if you want to kiss or kill Shonda Rhimes.

Being obsessed like myself, you feel lost without "Grey's Anatomy" currently in your life. We've got a little while to go until the next season begins, but we can do it. Until then, keep listening to Cristina Yangs' life lessons, adopting Callie Torres' confidence, McNaming everyone and everything you McSee, fighting like a Grey and saving lives.