17 Things Only Short People Understand

Being short has many struggles, here's just 17 of the million there are.

1. At least once a day someone says “Wow you’re short”

Or "wow you could fit in my pocket", or "are you short enough to legally be a midget?" Thanks everyone I get it I'm short, great observation!

2. You’re everybody’s armrests

In case you're wondering, yes it is very rude.

3. You’ve used many pieces of furniture as a step stool

I don't own a step stool so couches, tables, chairs, and drawers generally turn into step stools!

4. Don’t even mention trying to get something from the top shelf at the grocery store

You're generally not allowed to stand on their stuff so this is basically impossible.

5. Every time you go to a restaurant they ask if you want a kid’s menu

The biggest insult of all.

6. You always add 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 to your height

I'm 4'11 and 1/2" and don't forget it!

7. If everyone stands at concerts you can’t see anything

How about we all just sit down so we can all see, sounds good to me!

8. Going to amusements parks always sucked as a kid because you weren’t tall enough to ride them, and you’re barely tall enough now

I'm about a inch tall enough and that is okay with me.

9. People always ask if you wear youth sizes

I do actually because it is so much cheaper.

10. When you drive someone else’s car you have to move the seat all the way forward

11. You’re carded everywhere you go

I'm not actually a kid I swear I'm legal.

12. Your neck always hurts because you’re constantly looking up

I can't see the world if I just look straight!

13. You always have to stand on your toes to see anything

My toes are basically in ballerina shape.

14. Capri’s are always regular size for you

And regular jeans go way past your feet

15. When you wear heels, you’re still short

Most people don't even realize you're wearing heels.

16. Putting the visor down in the car to block the sun is always too high

So it's literally pointless.

17. Tall people sitting in front of you is the absolute worst

Thanks so much, I didn't actually want to watch the movie or anything!

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