20 Problems All Short People Can Relate to

20 Problems All Short People Can Relate to

Every short person experiences these at one point or another.


Being short isn't always easy. Here is a list of twenty problems I experience in my own life and I believe that just about every short person can relate to.

1. Pants are always too long. Every pair of pants I buy either need to be folded up or hemmed. Sometimes I even buy capris and wear them as pants.

2. Trying to keep up with my friends who have long legs and walk super fast.

Side note: I have used this line before... on numerous occasions. #noshame

3. Hoping that no one tall sits in front of you at the theater.

4. Having to sit up and adjust the seat when driving just to see over the steering wheel.

Fun fact: When I was taking my driving test, the instructor advised that I get a cushion to sit on when driving. He said that it would greatly improve my driving abilities.

5. Mirrors always seem to be too high and only allow you to see the top of your head.

6. You often cannot touch the ground when sitting in a chair and usually end up swinging your feet.

7. People often find themselves having to bend down to give you a hug.

8.Trying to reach things on the top shelf is nearly impossible. Step stools are a necessity, and climbing is valuable skill for short people to have.

9. It is impossible to reach the top of your car. You always seem to miss a spot when cleaning the snow off of your car leaving a "car hawk".

10. You can't reach anything in the kitchen cabinets, so you learn to jump and climb hoping that nothing will fall on you in the process.

11. Crop tops are so long on you that they fit you like a regular shirt.

12. Tall people like to use you as a human armrest and you seem to be the prefect height for it.

13. People think you're younger than you actually are because of your height. (This might be nice once you're middle aged, though.)

14. It is always difficult to decorate the Christmas tree. Usually you have to stand on a chair or step stool, especially putting the star on top.

15. Tall people like to mess with you and sometimes think that it is funny to hold objects above your head and out of reach.

16. It is difficult to get in tall trucks. Sometimes step stools are required.

17. Having to adjust the gym equipment to the lowest possible height just so you can reach it.

18. Trying to reach laundry at the bottom of the washing machine is a struggle and usually ends with me getting washed along with my clothes.

19. Always being stuck on the bottom bunk in a bunk bed because you can't reach the top bunk.

20. Having to sit in the back seat of the car or whichever seat has the least amount of leg room.

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