17 Senior Year Activities To Do With Your Best Friends Before The Year Ends

17 Senior Year Activities To Do With Your Best Friends Before The Year Ends

Life can sometimes be so boring; so why not try these crazy things with your friends to spice things up?

As time has passed by in my high school years, I feel like I haven't really lived my life as a teenager. I've always wanted to go out with my friends and try the most craziest things ever, like skydiving as an example. Once high school ends and my college life starts, I believe that one day, I will truly begin to live my life to its fullest, and I can start by completing these thrilling and invigorating activities with my besties.

1. Go on a road trip with your besties.

A great way to bond with your companions is with a road trip! My friends and I have always talked about going on one together. We sometimes even suggest the option of driving to the beach for our senior trip.

2. Travel to a foreign country.

This very item will soon be crossed off my bucket list, because soon, I will be traveling to Europe with one of my friends. Traveling to a foreign country with others truly makes me feel independent. There's nothing I love more than to experience a new environment different from home.

3. Go dumpster diving.

I'm truly afraid of heights, but doing such a bold and heart-pumping activity with companions is exciting. Of course, you have to consider safe places to dumpster dive.

4. Go camping!

There's nothing better than spending some time out in the wilderness. There are places to hike and animals to see once you go outside. It just doesn't get any better than this.

5. Make a music video and post it on Youtube.

What better way to show everyone in the entire world how goofy you and your besties are than by posting a YouTube video of you all having fun? Who knows? Maybe you'll get famous one day!

6. Dye your hair together.

Dye your hair a crazy color like blue or red. Or if you and your friends are on the safe side, maybe dye your hair a more natural color like ash brown.

7. Get tattoos together.

It doesn't have to be extravagant; it can simply be miniscule. I've always fantasized about getting a small tattoo that holds a significant meaning in my life.

8. Have a paintball war!

Nothing says getting rid of your stress and anxiety like hitting others with paintballs. Plus, it's also a great way to specifically bond with each of your best friends when you're split into teams.

9. Binge-watch Netflix TV shows.

What better way to calm things down after a crazy day with your besties than to stay at home with hot chocolate and popcorn while watching Netflix?

10. Go to a haunted house together.

You can find out who's the chicken of the group and who's the one who would leave the others behind just to run away from that monster chasing you all.

11. Go to a carnival together.

Take some aesthetic pictures, and definitely eat all of the delicious food there. Oh, and of course go on the rides.

12. Learn how to surf together.

You may fall off the board sometimes, but at least you've got a friend to fall off the board with you.

13. Have a fashion show!

Because why not? You'll look good and still be having fun.

14. Travel to an aesthetic looking place just for a photoshoot.

A photoshoot has been the topic most discussed upon among my group. We've talked about multiple places to go, and we have yet to go somewhere. Taking pictures of each other is seriously fun, and it can be a way for your friend group to get closer.

15. Go mini-golfing.

Absorb nature as you golf with your friends. Maybe you can laugh at each other's bad golfing skills.

16. Go bowling with your own rules.

Bowling gets boring when you do it the right way. Once you make up new rules, that's when the fun begins.

17. Go tubing!

See the beauty of the sea with your closest friends and take pictures.

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To The Strong Friend Of The Group, It's OK To Cry

Sometimes your strong friend needs a shoulder to lean on.


I am the strong friend of my group.

You know, that friend that never really lets their emotions get the best of them. The friend that everyone calls when they're having an extremely crappy day. The friend that always has an empty shoulder and just the right words when you've gone through your third relational break-up.

I am that friend.

Its like some sort of inevitable thing, every friend group has one. But, has anyone ever thought to ask how the strong friend is holding up? I can guarantee you, nine times out of ten we're barely making it. We never think to push our problems on others so we'd rather ignore our own to help our friends fix theirs. We're certainly headstrong when it comes to ourselves but understanding when it comes to those we care about. I'll admit, sometimes it gets tough being this friend. I'd place most of the reasoning behind the notion that because we put up such a tough exterior everyone may feel as though we're fine.

As the strong friend, I'm here to tell you: its okay to cry. Its okay to let your guard down.You don't have to be strong 24/7 and unless you're some sort of robot, you have emotions too. I know it can be tough because its something we're not used to and kind of weird because we're actually on the opposite side of the spectrum. I guess the saying is true, "sometimes you just have to cry it out."

Now, I'm not talking full blown therapy sessions here. But, every now and again call your closest friend and try telling them when you've had a bad day. Call them when you're anxious about that job interview you had, you know the one you've been busting your butt for. Don't worry, they'll be more than understanding and more than willing to be able to make their "strong friend" feel good for once.

The main point of all of my ranting is this—after taking care of everyone else we have to think, "Are we taking care of ourselves?"

Being the strong friend can be debilitating, but we cant become so consumed with everyone else's problems that we forget about our own. Bottled up emotions are the worst ones. So strong friend, next time you're feeling sad, mad, happy or glad let it out; scream and shout and tell your closest friends what it was all about.

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