17 ‘Reputation’ Lyrics For College Girls To Sing Before And After Finals

17 ‘Reputation’ Lyrics For College Girls To Sing Before And After Finals

"I got smarter, I got harder, in the nick of time."

Taylor Swift's "Reputation" has (unsurprisingly) taken the world by storm. Knowing T.S. and all her past hits, each song is filled with meaningful lyrics that speak right to your soul and are oh-so-relatable. Finals season is fast approaching too, and luckily Taylor is here with some lyrics you can sing to your professor right before the super important need-to-pass final — and after you don't do so well — and for those easy classes that you could sleep through the final and still get an A.

Whatever your finals schedule looks like, or however your professors have been this semester, T.Swizzle is here to get you through it.

1. For when you walk into that final you have no hope for

"All of this silence and patience, pining and anticipation, my hands are shaking from all this ." - Dress

2. For that class you were failing but got an A on the final and passed

"I got smarter, I got harder, in the nick of time" - Look What You Made Me Do

3. For that class you were passing but got an F on the final

"This is why we can't have nice things, darling because you break them." - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

4. For the professor and class that ruined your GPA (but you're kind of over it... maybe)

"I forget their names now, I'm so very tame now, Never be the same now" - ...Ready For It?

5. For when you knew you should've studied harder after you get the grade back

"I've made mistakes and I've made choices, that's hard to deny" - End Game

6. For that one professor you can't think about without your head exploding

"And I'm so furious at you for making me feel this way" - Gorgeous

7. For when you're contemplating with your friends just escaping before finals

"I recall late November holdin' my breath, slowly I said, 'You don't need to save me but would you run away with me?'" - Call It What You Want

8. For you and your friends brace yourselves at the start of finals

"I can tell that it's gonna be a long road, I'll be there if you're the toast of the town, babe, or if you strike out and you're crawling home." - New Year's Day

9. For when time is moving too fast and you can't stop finals from happening

"You said there was nothing in the world that you stop it, I had a bad feeling" - Dancing With Our Hands Tied

10. For when you start watching Netflix knowing full well there's a final tomorrow

"They said I did something bad, then why's it feel so good, most fun I ever had." - I Did Something Bad

11. For when your professor killed you, but it's just becoming a semesterly routine

"You did a number on me, but, honestly, baby, who's counting? (1,2,3)" - So It Goes...

12. For when you've been in the library for 72 hours straight

"I've passed days without fun, this endgame is the one" - End Game

13. For when you're watching your GPA slip after your finals

"This ain't for the best, my reputation's never been worse." - Delicate

14. For when you're breaking down in the middle of your test

"I would waste my time, I would lose my mind, They say, 'She's gone too far this time' ." - Don't Blame Me

15. For when you finally leave your last final

"It was the great escape, the prison break, the light of freedom on my face." - Getaway Car

16. For when that one professor doesn't submit grades for weeks after

"And all at once, you are the one I have been waiting for." - King Of My Heart

17. For when you're recapping your semester and putting your professors on your bad list

"I've got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined, I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!" - Look What You Made Me Do

* * *

Thank you, Taylor Swift, for providing us with the inspiration and relatability to get through finals season, even when it'll be super painful at times. We can all get through this together.

Cover Image Credit: Taylor Swift / Instagram

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