As a young agriculturalist, I tend to hear a lot of things about my industry from those who aren't involved in it. With misinformation spreading like wildfire via the news, social media and word of mouth, there are some pretty off the wall myths and rumors flying around. Here are seventeen common myths I hear about agriculture in 2017.

1. Family farming is dead; factory farming rules.

2. GMO's are evil and harmful.

3. Farmers are only in it for profit.I promise farming isn't big money.

4. Organic is automatically better for you.

5. Free range is best.

6. Organic and sustainability go hand in hand.

7. Farmers are hurting the environment.

8. Farmers don't and can't produce enough food to feed the population.

9. Large scale agriculture, what many call "factory farming", can never be good.

10. Farmers and ranchers don't care about their livestock.

11. Our food supply is poisoned.

12. Monsanto is the bad guy.

13. Agriculture is killing the planet.

14. Organic uses zero pesticides or fertilizers, not even "natural" ones.

15. Farmers are uneducated.

16. Livestock are pumped full of drugs.

17. Globally, hunger is caused by a worldwide shortage of food.

I'm proud to be an agriculturalist, an agricultural communicator, and a third generation family farmer. Every day, I try my best to combat the myths, the rumors and the lies I hear constantly about the generation I love. After all, Grandpa always said there's no one as wise as the farmer.