17 "Glass Half Full" Things That Happened In 2017
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17 "Glass Half Full" Things That Happened In 2017

A year filled with trials and tragedy, also had some massively undercooked positive moments too.

17 "Glass Half Full" Things That Happened In 2017

So as 2017 has come to a close and we move onward to 2018, it's a time to look back on the year.

Yes, this year may have been a bit crazy and chaotic, with stories of tragedy and loss filling the headlines. From numerous devastating natural disasters to terror attacks, these are really the only stories that we may remember from 2017. This is not to say these events are not important, they are actually extremely important for individuals, groups, and humanity as a whole.

Many times, in the face of disaster, people tend to band together and make great things happen, truly showing their graciousness and support for others who are strangers to them. So if you want to see the glass half full, remember that for every bad time, there are twice as many good times, and here's a little list to remind you how great of a year 2017 actually was.

1. Despite a few minor set backs, every country in the world is now a signatory to the Paris climate agreement!

With signatures from Syria and Nicaragua, every country has officially signed. And while President Trump has said the US is going to withdraw, this will take years to happen given United Nation rules, and by the time he has the opportunity it will be the next election cycle. Many countries have already strengthened their legal requirements to achieve carbon neutrality and the World Bank announced that it is going to stop providing loans for oil and gas extraction!

2. Women in Saudi Arabi can drive!

While this may seem kind of outdated for the 21st century, it was not until June of 2017 that women in Saudi Arabi were finally granted the right to drive! This may be seemingly small progress, but it is progress nonetheless!

3. Tim Tams!

It was not until 2017 that these delicious cookies, originally from Australia, became available in the US! These chocolate cookies are out of this world! I highly suggest you go grab yourself a package bite off both ends and use it as a draw to sip your coffee! You will not regret it!

4. The Great Barrier Reef has been rebred!

Speaking of Australia, scientists have found a way to successfully rebreed sections of the Great Barrier Reef. With pollution and global warming, the reef has been struggling for a while, but scientists have figured out a way to accelerate the growth of certain corals found in the reef, giving us hope that reef won't disappear as soon as predicted!

5. HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa!

With increased education on treatment and prevention, HIV/AIDS has now dropped from the top spot of leading cause of death in Africa. This is great, but unfortunately, something has to hold the number one cause, which has now shifted to lifestyle diseases, that are typically respiratory infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

6. The Eclipse!

It captured America's attention for just a few glorious moments in August! People planned trips in order to see the path of totality for a once in a lifetime experience!

7. Detroit's Tiny House Revolution!

Detroit has never had a good track record, but a nonprofit organization in Detroit bought vacant lots around the city and filled them with "tiny houses." While you may have seen these on TV shows or in magazines, these "tiny houses" serve a different purpose; low-income Detroiters can rent-to-own them and are supported by community services to keep them moving up!

8. The Amazon Rainforest is growing!

Conservationists have agreed to plant nearly 100 million trees over the next six years in the Amazon rainforest. And New Zealand's next prime minister is following suit and wants to plant 100 million trees next year!

9. Mattel released a hijab-wearing Barbie!

Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammud was the first Muslim American to compete wearing a hijab AND she was the first Muslim American woman to win an Olympic medal. She said how growing up there was no Barbie that looked like her and nada now there is! She hopes this doll will inspire other girls to embrace what makes them unique.

10. A homeless who helped survivors of the Manchester attack was given a home!

After a long hunt, they found the homeless man that helped numerous people survive the Manchester attack. After his horrific story went viral, numerous donations were made to help him get back on his feet!

11. Two young boys from New York started a lemonade stand to help hurricane victims in Houston!

After hearing about the destruction and sadness that hurricane Harvey caused, these two Western New York boys started a lemonade stand with the proceeds going to helping the victims. It was soon broadcast all over the news and celebrities started showing up and making extremely generous contributions!

12. Wonder Woman was the most successful live-action film ever directed by a woman!

A badass female hero? Check! A strong female director? Check! This film has clearly got it all! Power to the ladies!

13. The Honeybee population is on the rise!

Honey bees are not the bees that sting, so this is most definitely a good thing! They can continue to help pollinate the lovely flora of our world! Scientists have found insecticides that do not kill the bees!

14. Jackie Robinson Museum in Lower Manhattan!

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Jackie Robinson Museum took place in April! Robinson was the player to break the color barrier in major league baseball. Located in lower Manhattan, this tribute to the civil rights movements is set to open in the spring of 2019.

15. A water park for special needs children opens in San Antonio, Texas!

Morgan's Wonderland, Inspiration Island, opened this summer and is the first waterpark of its kind! The park is complete with wheelchair accessibility, the ability to change the temperature of the water, and parents can get waterproof wristbands with tracking technology so they can easily locate their children. The park will also be free for all individuals with special needs!

16. Star Wars inspired the creation of a bionic hand!

Researchers have created a unique robotic hand based the Star Wars. It uses ultrasound sensors that allow amputees to control each prosthetic finger using muscles in the residual limb! A man has even been about to play the piano while using this arm.

17. High Schoolers founded a club so no one has to eat lunch alone!

Students at a high school in Florida founded We Dine Together, a group where members spend their lunch period with a different person every day. You never know the simple act of sitting down next to someone eating by themselves and starting a conversation can make all the difference!

So, there ya have it! 17 great things that happened in 2017! These are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more positive things that happened throughout the year, whether they were local or on a more global scale. And there will be many more great things to come in 2018!

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