17 Annoying Things People Do At The Beach
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17 Annoying Things People Do At The Beach

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17 Annoying Things People Do At The Beach
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It is that time of year again when we all head out on a nice summer day down to the beach or lake. some reason, you can never escape those annoying rude people that do not care about anyone else and do whatever they want. These are the people that make a great day turn into a bad day. If you again with me here is a list of annoying situations that drive me nuts.

1. Kick sand

This is probably the most annoying thing someone can do. You are relaxing soaking up those sun rays and then all of a sudden someone comes along and ruddy interrupts you peaceful relaxation or nap by kicking sand right in you direction and getting all over the place. Here's a tip take off your shoes, do not run and please do not walk right on top of me when there is a whole empty beach that you can walk.

2. Sitting right on top of you

Excuse me but, if there is an empty beach with no one in sight what makes you think it is okay to set up camp right on top of where I am sitting when you have the whole entire beach to spread out. Next time you go to the beach and it is almost completely empty do not sit right on top of me and be that annoying person.


I am sorry but it is that hard to throw your trash away. Seriously it makes me so mad when people do not bring a bag that is for you garbage or simply take a walk to throw away their trash. People like you who do not throw out you trash are ruining our beaches, killing countless sea animals and you are plain and simple just lazy and should not be allowed back at the beach.

4. Smoke up a storm

If you are going to smoke please do it somewhere else. I do not need to be breathing in you second-hand smoke and have an asthma attack, I came to enjoy the nice fresh air not you polluting it with your disgusting habit. So, please do everyone a favor around you and go for a walk and smoke or do not sit near anyone.

5. The "DJ."

I really do not want to hear your music from the other side of the beach. Can you do everyone a favor and not be obnoxious and blast your music other people would like to listen to there but can't because you are being so rude. Do us all a favor and just leave, no one envy like you music anyway.

6. The people that decide to spray their sunblock right on top of where you are sitting.

Seriously, go behind where everyone is sitting and spray on your sunblock there so you are not getting everyone mad. You would really make everyone's day by just stepping away because now it won't get into our mouths, all over our open food, in my drink and all over my stuff.

7. Walking on my towel with gross wet, sandy feet.

If you want to sit on my towel there is one rule WHIP OFF YOUR GROSS FEET. I do not want to be sitting on wet sand, that is just gross.

8. That person who decides to shake you their sandy towel near everyone.

Thank you for giving me a mouth full of sand I really appreciate it. If you want to shake out your towel either step away from where everyone is sitting or fold it up and shake it out when you get back to your car and by the restrooms.

9. The ones who talk extremely loud.

I do not care what you are talking about and what is going on with your life. I came to the beach to relax not to get aggravated by annoying people who do not know how to talk at a normal volume. If you want to have a loud conversation to the food shack, talk a walk or just don't come to the beach and ruin the relaxation of everyone around you.

10. The couple who does not take their hands off of each other.

First off get a room and second no one wants to see that. The beach is a family friendly place and parents really do not want their children seeing people all over each other. If you can't keep you hand off of each other stay at home, you will be doing everyone a favor.

11. The people who think it is okay for feed the seagulls.

If you are a regular beach goer you know that it is not okay and totally not acceptable to be feeding those devil birds. Once you give them a piece of food they will just keep coming back and next thing you know you get a swarm of seagulls attacking you for food. If you want to feed bird go to the park or a petting zoo not the beach.

12. The group that takes your unassigned assigned spot at the beach.

Um excuse me, I have been sitting in that same spot the whole entire summer who said that it was okay for you to come along and take my spot. It would be greatly appreciated if you could please move to another spot on the beach. Thank you.

13. The one that puts their umbrella right over where you are laying our and trying to get some color.

Seriously!! Thank you for making me mad and ruining my tanning session. You giant umbrella will now make me even more uneven then I already am. Please move your umbrella to the other side of where you are sitting, you will not only be doing me a favor but everyone else around me as well.

14. The ones you take endless photos.

I understand you want to take a cute photo for Instagram but please do everyone around you a favor and go somewhere else. We do not want to see you posing in the same position for the next half-hour. Take a stroll down the beach where it is less crowded and you can spread out and not worry about people getting in the way. Please and thank you.

15. The ones with the annoying kids.

I love children but when they are being annoying, loud and obnoxious then that's where I start to get mad. It is just very rude that you let your child carry on in that manner you are not only annoying me but also everyone around me is getting annoyed but your child. Please talk to your child and tell that if they do not cut it out that you are leaving or they will get punished when you get home.

16. The one who is one the phone the whole time.

If you are going to be on your phone the whole time why did you come to the beach you can do exactly what you are doing in the comfort of your own home.

17. That person who takes up half the beach when there is not enough room to begin with.

Can you please be considerate and not take up every last inch of the beach. There are other people who would like set up their stuff but can't because you decided to take up the whole beach. Please, when you know it is full, do not take up more space then you need.

If you are one of these people please do everyone a favor and stay at home or go to the pool. These 17 situations can turn a great day into a bad day. Being an avid beach goer I can tell you that I have experienced everyone of these situations and let me tell ya it is not fun what so ever.

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