If you are one of those people that cannot live without coffee, this one is for you. I’m with you because what’s the point of waking up early if there’s no coffee? And why would shows like "Friends," "Gilmore Girls," and even "Shameless" emphasize coffee if people didn’t love coffee? Coffee is there for you when you have to study for exams, wake up early for work, take care of all your dogs, and when you had a rough night out the night before. Coffee is a lifestyle. If you are like me and love coffee, here are just 14 things that you'll find are way too true.

1. You question the point of decaf coffee.

2. You can't have breakfast without coffee.

3. The worst feeling is when your coffee is against you.

4. Headaches will happen if you go without coffee for a day.

5. You just can’t function without it.

6. The day is immediately better after a cup of coffee.

7. It’s the only thing that can keep you going most days.

8. You love when you find out people are fellow coffee drinkers.

9. The first thing you do when you wake up is to get the coffee ready.

10. You appreciate shows that share in your coffee obsession.

11. There’s never a wrong time for coffee.

12. Your local coffee shop probably knows how you like your coffee by now.

13. Coffee keeps you sane.

14. You apologize to people when you haven't had your coffee yet...

15. There’s nothing better than ordering coffee at a restaurant.

16. You can't imagine not being a coffee drinker.

When you love coffee, you can't imagine life without it. Coffee saves you from being insane and insanely crabby. It keeps you from wanting to punch someone and from wanting to lay in bed all day. Yes I may be addicted, but oh well. At least it can keep me productive throughout the day. Now if you excuse me, I am going to go get a pot of coffee started...