16 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Ripped Out Your Heart
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16 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Ripped Out Your Heart

A big thanks to Shonda for continuously ripping out hearts out of our chests time after time.

16 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Ripped Out Your Heart

Every episode of "Grey’s Anatomy" takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride from death after death to the unthinkable happening to every single person at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Almost every beloved character has been through hell and back, not to mention the amount of main characters who have been killed off since the start of our favorite show. And it never gets better. Season after season shatters our hearts. Just when Shonda makes you believe that the worst possible thing has just happened, boom, something unimaginably worse. So, thank you, Shonda, for never giving our hearts a break. So, fasten your seat belts for the emotional roller coaster ride and get ready to relive every one of the saddest moments in "Grey’s" history. Maybe even turn on “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol if you think you can handle it. Warning: The following may cause tears and heart ache.

P.S. If you haven’t watched most of "Grey’s," this is a huge spoiler alert!

1. When Meredith drowns and Derek rescues her

Our hearts all ached for Meredith as she slipped away into the water and then again for Derek as he rescued her as her knight in shining whatever.

2. When Cristina operates on Derek at gunpoint

Everything about the shooting episode is so awful, but the most heart-wrenching scene must have been when Cristina operates on Derek at gunpoint. From Meredith telling the shooter to kill her instead to begging Christina to keep operating when we all thought that Derek's line went flat. Tears were falling the entire time.

3. When Cristina has an ectopic pregnancy

When Cristina cries, we cry.

4. When Derek gets shot

I don't know what was harder to watch – Derek getting shot or Cristina holding back Meredith as she cried out for him?

5. When Karev gets shot

Karev is a fan favorite not only because of his looks but also who wouldn't fall in love with someone who saves babies lives every day? Watching him lay on the floor after being shot was difficult for everyone to watch.

6. When Mark finally confesses his love to Lexie as she’s dying

Probably the second hardest death to watch next to Derek Shepherd's. Everyone was crying as Mark finally told Lexie he loved her and wanted to be with her.

7. When Izzie codes in Alex’s arms

This terrifying moment kept us all on edge as Izzie coded and the doctors had to make a life or death decision, not to mention, Alex's heart being broken broke all of ours.

8. When Mark Sloan dies

As if losing Lexie in the plane crash wasn't bad enough.

9. When you realize John Doe is George

RIP to everyone's most loved intern. This episode calls for a box of tissues when George is able to spell out 007 in Meredith's hand and the mystery of who John Doe is is solved.

10. When Denny dies

Right when Izzie and Denny's love story finally seemed to be starting, he dies, and Alex comforting Izzie afterward is another reason why we all love Karev so much.

11. When McDreamy dies (and narrates it himself)

Need I say anything?

12. When April and Avery lose their baby

When all you want is for them to have a happy family, everything goes wrong. This heart-wrenching scene will make anyone cry tears as they say goodbye to Samuel minutes after she gives birth to him.

13. The flashback video of Meredith and Derek

No matter where or when this video pops up, it's a must watch every time. It highlights all of our favorite Mer-Der moments and breaks our hearts overtime watching their love story unfold and end.

14. When Cristina gets left at the alter

15. When Meredith gets assaulted

Watching Meredith recover from the violent attack was hard to watch, especially the scene where her kids are too afraid to go see her.

16. When Amelia finally cries for the first time after Derek dies

And although Shonda continues to rip our hearts out of our chests and stomp on them time after time, we always keep watching. You just can’t stop watching. It’s impossible. We’re all so emotionally invested in the show, no matter who dies or what catastrophe occurs, we will always be there watching. No matter how much it hurts or makes you cry uncontrollably at 3 a.m. when you are binge watching on Netflix, you love "Grey’s" and always will.

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