16 Struggles Of A College Student As Told By 'Friends'

16 Struggles Of A College Student As Told By 'Friends'

As Monica once said, "Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You're gonna love it!"

If you're in college now, there's a 99 percent chance that you've seen "Friends." Also, there's a 99 percent chance that you've experienced some of these struggles in your college life already, and you'll probably end up experiencing all of them within the first year and most likely, for the rest of your time in college. So, if you're a "Friends" fanatic, experience one, or many of these irritating scenarios, please enjoy.

1. When that person in front of you in line at the cafe takes the last chocolate chip cookie.

2. When your lecture is taught by a foreign professor and everything that comes out of their mouth sounds like:

3. When you're half asleep during your 8 a.m., but you still have to participate in discussion.

4. Your parents' reaction when they see your midterm grades.

5. When you accidentally walk in on your roommate and their "friend." As Janice once said (a couple of times) "OH. MY. GOD."

6. When your professor uploads all of their slides online.

7. When you and your friends are trying to decide which one of you is going to run downstairs to pick up the pizza from the delivery guy.

8. Every time your roommate texts you asking, "Hey, can I eat one of your snacks?"

9. When you have to write a love poem and perform it in front of your poetry class.

10. When you convince your professor to extend the deadline of that five-page paper.

11. When you go out with your friends and of course, someone gets sick, so naturally, you're asked to help take care of them.

12. When you finally get home for Thanksgiving break.

13. And when you're trying to survive the family Thanksgiving dinner.

14. When it's one o'clock in the morning, and the people in the room next to you are blasting music.

15. When you and your friends decide you're going to drop out of college and marry a rich man who will take care of you for the rest of your life.

16. When you check your bank account statement and realize that you probably shouldn't have gone to Chipotle the past three, all right, four days straight.

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Common Things Professors Say On Syllabus Day

We all go through this at some point, amirite?

Can we just admit that syllabus week is really dull? Maybe some of you don't mind it because you're not scrambling to get two papers, a research project and preparation for an exam finished in one week. But for others, like myself, believe it's just a boring day that everyone must endure. College professors also tend to go through this routine by saying things we have heard all throughout our years of education. I've gathered a list of some of these EXTREMELY common phrases you all have probably heard at least once.

1. "I'm really bad at names, but I PROMISE I'll learn them."

Yep, I'm sure we've all heard this phrase before. Sure enough, there are several of us who are called the wrong name either a few times or over a dozen times before the professors start to remember everyone's names. Unless of course you're in a lecture hall with 150+ people, then it is a little harder for the professors to recall every students' name.

2. "Don't use your phone in class; you can go two hours without looking at it."

Another VERY common thing professors mention. Some will be more lenient with your class and say something like: "You can choose to use your phone, but just know you're throwing away your own college tuition and education." But, for the most part, a lot of professors will just tell you once not to use your phone and not remind you again. But it's an old, dull phrase of course.

3. "Introduce yourself to the class: your name, your year, your major, and one interesting fact about yourself."

Personally, I hate this one the most because I'm very introverted and dread having the spotlight on me while I introduce myself while a good half of the class won't give a damn later on. Maybe some of you don't mind introducing yourself, especially if you're more of a social person. But the rest of us feel awkward when certain professors force us to do this.

4. "Okay, get with a partner and discuss your answers together for five minutes."

Okay, maybe some of you have a friend or two (or a bunch) that you could possibly partner up with (unless the professor forces you to work with somebody new). But for the other half of us, including myself, dread working with partners because we're either not very social and/or we prefer working alone because we can focus better. I personally work better on my own, so when it comes to partners nothing, nothing makes me cringe even more.

5. "I didn't make copies, but the syllabus is online if you need to refer to it."

Personally, I like hand copies of the syllabus, even though it's accessible online. But despite this being such a common thing for professors to say these days (thanks to our advanced technology), it's usually a relief for kids so they don't have to worry about losing it in the future. Nevertheless, a hand-copy could go a long way!

6. "You're allowed to use your laptops for notes, but no watching Netflix with your friends because it will distract your classmates."

For most people, this is common sense. They know when they're supposed to pay attention. Ignorant and careless people, however, don't believe watching Netflix or looking up other distracting websites will deplete their hard-working neighbor's education. Even though this is a redundant statement, at least respect it until your class is over. People sacrifice a lot to earn a decent education.

7. "Sorry I'm late, everyone. You know how traffic is."

Yes, commuters and perhaps even local on-campus students are aware of how traffic can be near the university. Out-of-state students, however, are completely clueless unless they brought their own cars to campus. But sometimes we wonder if it's just an excuse they come up with instead of a different reason that held them back from reaching class on time.

8. "I may be able to let you all out early, but I can't guarantee it. We might have to stay the whole hour."

This is pretty much the LAST thing college students like to hear when they go to a class. The hope is for an early release, especially during syllabus week when little to no interesting things are going on. But some professors force us to stay almost the entire hour sometimes to suffer through icebreakers, personal questions that ask us why we took the class, and possibly starting on material a little early.

Syllabus week is not the most exciting part of college life, whether you're starting a new semester for the first time or returning to it. We all have to endure the professors' soap boxes about the rules and expectations of each class, and I'm sure there are some who dread repeating them to all their classes as well. Overall, both college students and professors suffer through the boredom of syllabus week!

Cover Image Credit: CJ Cornell

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A Turning Point

A career choice.

When I was in high school I had my mind set on wanting to become an architect, and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do this as a career. That's when I joined a class called SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advance) Forensics. It was a program that my high school offered to catch a glimpse of what college was during my junior year. I decided to opt in this instead of going into the IB program, which most of my graduating class had decided to take. There's no regret coming from me, and I do believe I made the better choice for what suited me better. Hey, if I never took this class I would've never decided that I wanted to change my career path into something in Forensics.

In high school I had two options: go with the crowd and go into the awfully dreadful (as referred to by some of friends who were in the program) IB diploma, or be an outlier and take this program that not many people do. I went with the latter, as said previously. What I found were a good teacher and a close group of friends. The program was something that I took note of and quickly grew fond of the material we were learning about which was mostly about crime scenes and serial killers. The serial killers part were what got me into the whole class. It was just so interesting to know about these people but there was something ultimately missing. I wanted to know why they did this. What made their heads tick? Why the sudden outburst of murder? That's where psychology entered the mix.

I wanted to incorporate the two and luckily I found the perfect place to do so: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, right in the middle of one of my favorite places to go. I saw this opportunity to take the time to make sure I soak up every little detail that I can to make sure I do things correctly but still in a way that's comfortable to me and yet I still haven't found an effective way to study (Oh well, 14 years of school already and still no way). Forensic Psychology are two things that interest me put in one subject. It makes me think about all the different things that can go on in a human head and all the thoughts that go through it as well. I've put myself in a situation where I can receive the best education as well as having a fun time while learning something I'm very interested in.

With my current situation, all I can say is that if I didn't choose to do the SUPA program, I don't think I would be where I am now. I'm happy with everything that I've done and I don't have a single regret when it comes to it. In my opinion, one way to stay happy in life is to love what you do and to do the best you can in it everyday. One turning point of choice led to what I'm doing now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cover Image Credit: https://lifeandothertales.wordpress.com/2012/12/28/of-vultures-junkies-and-tragedies/police-line-do-not-cross-tape-at-crime-scene-1-2000x1349/

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