16 Happy Headlines to Get You Through the Day
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16 Happy Headlines to Get You Through the Day

Finally, some GOOD news for a change.

16 Happy Headlines to Get You Through the Day

Between the first wave of midterms, this never-ending presidential election and the countless other depressing news stories in rotation every day (#PrayforHaiti. Click here to respond to Hurricane Matthew), it can get pretty hard to keep stress levels down and your emotional cup half full.Yes, it’s fair to say that the madness never stops and the show must go on. But that doesn’t mean in the midst of the chaos, we can’t still take some time out of our day to take a deep breath, and smell the roses. Here are 16 of last week’s happiest headlines, guaranteed to get you smiling in no time.

1. This story about a Virginia Deputy dancing to some good ol’ Queen Bey.

2. This forecast predicting the D.C. area’s surge in summer temps.

Sorry, sweater weather. Not today.

3. This Daniel Radcliffe lookalike who just had his own Harry Potter themed, sexy boudoir photo shoot.

Seriously, a million points to Gryffindor. Just take ‘em, dude.

4. This article breaking news about NBC’s decision to fire television host Billy Bush after the infamous Trump Tapes debacle.

5. These photos of Michelle Obama’s best State Dinner ensembles that prove she’s pretty much Benjamin Button.

6. This article explaining why anxiety is actually a good thing.

7. This post about a Muslim blogger and her ground-breaking hijab line catered to all races and shades.

8. This video of Kevin Hart hilariously getting “high” off of some seriously spicy hot wings.

Skip to 17:25 for the really good stuff.

9. This photo of Olivia Wilde holding her newborn baby girl Daisy!

10. And these pics of a New Zealand photographer snapping selfies with animals everywhere.

11. This trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”.

Because anything that involves Chris Pratt and a talking raccoon is already the best thing EVER.

12. This story about Adele’s boyfriend and his sweet pink confetti anniversary surprise.

Half of us can’t think of 10 pretty things to say about our loved one. This guy wrote like, a million.

13. These “Stranger Things” inspired recipes that are equally as creepy as they are delicious.

14. These photos of celebrity Halloween costumes we should never forget.

Joe Jonas as Zoolander? C’mon!

15. This collection of adorable Mom texts that to be honest, speak totally for themselves.

16. And this video of Kiana Ledé and her flawless “Let Me Love You” mashup.

See, don’t you feel better already? Now put the nutella down and let’s do this thing!

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