17 Fictional Deaths I'm Still Crying About
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17 Fictional Deaths I'm Still Crying About

I cannot and will not get over these deaths.

17 Fictional Deaths I'm Still Crying About

As 2015 is starting to come to an end, let’s reflect (WITH TISSUES) on some fictional characters death’s that WE ARE STILL NOT OVER!

1. McDreamy/Derek Shepherd, "Grey's Anatomy"

I can’t even talk about this one because, oh no, here come the tears…

2. Marissa Cooper, "The O.C."

Our beloved Coop has been gone since 2006, almost 10 years! It was such a tragic ending. It’s so hard thinking about. Come on, we were all rooting for Marissa and Ryan to be together in the end and we were so happy she was finally getting away from the O.C. to start over. But her dying in Ryan’s arms, just…I literally can't even. Do not listen to "Hallelujah" by Imogen Heap if you want to relive Marissa’s death happening all over again.

3. Mark Sloan & Lexie Grey- "Grey's Anatomy"

The death of little Grey and McSteamy. Where do I begin? Oh, I know: Why Shonda? Why?! We all wanted Mark and Lexie to get married, have kids, and wanted to see which speciality Lexie would choose. Crap, tears. Next!

4. Keith Scott, "One Tree Hill"

Losing Uncle Keith was just like losing my own uncle...devastating. I felt like we were cheated out of our time with Keith Scott, we hardly saw him in season two, then he comes back in season three and then we lose him.

5. Quentin Fields, "One Tree Hill"

First the guy who we all hate, Kills Q, attacks our love Brooke Davis, (twice), and kidnaps Sam. Q was one of my favorite characters OTH brought in, watching Jamie try to comprehend what happened to his best friend, was heartbreaking. Q was helping Nathan get back on track, too. Fly high #44.

6. George O’Malley, "Grey’s Anatomy"

007. We were so proud of him for joining the army and sad that he was leaving us, but super proud that he was doing this for himself. We couldn't wait for him to be the new Trauma Guy! Then the sweet George, threw himself in front of a bus to save a stranger. We miss you, O’Malley!

7. Jack Dawson, "Titanic"

All I’m going to say about this is, "I will never let go, Jack, I will never let go." Lies. Also, there was room for two rose. OK! Two! (I am still very salty about this one)!!!

8. Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Fred Weasley, Severus Snape, Cedric Diggory, Dobby, & Hedwig, "Harry Potter"

I put them all under one number because I could not even begin to decide who’s death mattered more, because in fact, every single one of these deaths hit me pretty hard. "Harry Potter" has some very beloved friends and family, whom all had something to do with making Harry become the person he is. If you’re a "Harry Potter" fan and didn’t cry when these characters died, you’re tacky and I hate you.

9. Dan Scott, "One Tree Hill"

Dan has never been my favorite character, especially for what he did to Keith, there by destroying everyone’s happiness. But when he was released from jail and saved the whole Naley clan from something, I started to like him again. He saved Jamie from Psycho Nanny Carrie twice, he also saved Haley from stupid Psycho Nanny Carrie, and how could we forget the emotional Naley reunion in the last season, all because Dan saved our future husband Nathan Scott from his kidnappers? Without Dan we wouldn’t have had our Scott family live happily ever after, am I right?

10. Denny Duquette, "Grey's Anatomy"

Just when you think everything is going to work out for Izzie and Denny...OK, Shonda, we see you.

11. Rue, "The Hunger Games"

This was just heartbreaking. Katniss lost her companion that helped her through the games. The sweetest girl ever. I feel my heartbreaking all over again just talking about it.

12. Michael Scofield, "Prison Break"

He was finally reunited with Sara and he made the biggest sacrifice to ensure her safety. We later find out in a video, his brain tumor had returned and didn't have much time left. But I'm curious if the rumors are true, that they are bringing back "Prison Break," how is this going to work, because they did mention he would be back, too...don't get me wrong I love Michael, but just don't make me relive his death again!

13. Finn Hudson, "Glee"

All I can say I will not get over his death in "Glee" (not that I watched it after his death) or his death in real life. Such a tragedy. Rest in Peace, Cory Monteith, thank you for being our Finn.

14. Mufasa, "The Lion King"

This has really been one depressing death that still to this day makes me teary eyed. Especially when Simba pleaded with him to wake up...ugh.


DO NOT READ beyond here if you haven’t read or don’t already know about "The Hunger Games" final installment or the ending of the "Divergent" series!

15. Finnick Odair- "The Hunger Games; Mockingjay"

I was (still am) so in love with Finnick in the book series and was so happy to watch his future grow with his beloved Annie, and NOPE. that didn’t happen. Of course. Why do I even get my hopes up anymore?

16. Primrose Everdeen, "The Hunger Games; Mockingjay"

This one came as a huge surprise in the books, it’s one of those things I literally never saw coming. Here's to hoping and praying and dreaming maybe Finnick and Prim’s death doesn’t happen in the final movie? Yeah right, like I said, I need to stop getting my hopes up.

17. Tris Prior, "Allegiant"

This one I literally cannot. The main character. You’re going to get her close to her happy ending and boom, she’s no longer with us. Come on! We all just wanted Four and Tris to finally, be free and happy together!

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