16 Fashion Trends That We Were All Guilty Of In Middle School
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16 Fashion Trends That We Were All Guilty Of In Middle School

From silly bandz and goucho pants to logo tees and heelys.

16 Fashion Trends That We Were All Guilty Of In Middle School

Middle school is a painful and awkward time in just about everyone's life. Everything about you is changing and you are not totally sure who you are yet. On top of all the uncertainty and discomfort, we were all guilty of following some pretty strange fashion trends. With that being said, let's take a trip down memory lane.

1. Gaucho pants

When writing this article, gauchos were the first thing that came to mind.

2. Skater shoes

Of course the laces were never actually tied to the point that you could take two steps without your shoe almost falling off.

3. Logo tees from Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Aeropostale

For some reason, we wanted everyone to know that we bought our shirt at Hollister. The more name brands the better!

4. Jean mini-skirts with leggings underneath

Or jeans under a dress or skirt!

5. Silly bandz

Did you have enough to make a silly band sleeve? My mom just loved constantly finding these scattered around the house.

6. Wearing spandex that are longer than your shorts so you can pass the fingertip rule

All girls know this to be true!

7. Tote bags

Who uses backpacks anymore?

8. The "poof"

Crisscross your bobby pins at the top and you are good to go!

9. "Butt branding"

Probably one of the more cringe-worthy fashion trends on this list.

10. Rubber bracelets

Every middle school boy's pride and joy.

11. Heelys

Just make sure you don't get caught skating in the hallways at school.

12. Tank top layering

The more layers the better! Everyone had their favorite tanktop/shirt combo.

13. Plaid bermuda shorts

I may or may not still have a couple pairs of these stuffed in the back of my closet...

14. Shrug sweaters

Because for some reason we thought covering only half of our torso with a sweater looked great.

15. Colored skinny jeans

And if you wore them with slip on clogs, you were even cooler.

16. Ugg boots

All of the boys thought they were funny because they said that "Ugg" stood for "ugly." Maybe they were right.

As humiliating and awkward as some of these fashion trends of the middle schools days might be, it is fun to look back on them with some appreciation for what we wear today. We were so stylin'.

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