18 Forgotten Trends: Do You Feel Old Yet?
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Student Life

18 Forgotten Trends: Do You Feel Old Yet?

For your daily dose of nostalgia!

18 Forgotten Trends: Do You Feel Old Yet?
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As times change, things once adored, go out of style and get shoved into forgotten drawers. What seemed like all the rage way-back-when, becomes only a memory of childhood. When I went digging through my box of childhood memories, I could not believe some of the things I left behind.

Here is a trip down memory lane:

1. Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz were all the rage a few years ago until schools started banning them, Darn! Still, it was so much fun to see all of the different shapes they turned into.

2. Hair feathers

I feel like every girl in my high school during 2011, at some point had a hair feather. Then one day, they all seemed to disappear.

3. Heelys

I rolled around on these shoes all over my elementary school, that is until they were also banned! Boo! It was not like children were falling down and busting their knee caps at school because of them, or running into other students. Oh, wait. I did do that. Good call, school system.

4. Gauchos

This was picture was my actual aesthetic from second to fourth grade. I had a pair of gauchos in every single color. Mistake.

5. Plasma globes

If one of the adults in my household needed a way to keep me entertained for an amount of time, this was the trick. The pretty lights followed my fingers...what!?

6. Jelly shoes

I absolutely loved the smell of these shoes. They were also super comfy!

7. Silly putty

8. Neon colored skinny jeans

In middle school, it seemed like every girl wore these and converse. Now we have moved onto to leggings, and blanket scarves.

9. Blow up Chairs

These were perfect, as long as nobody had any pointy objects in their pockets.

10. Password Journal

I begged my parents for this one year for Christmas, and when I got it, I was absolutely amazed that it could open with voice activation. This was obviously before the time of Siri, and her voice commands, or thumbprint unlocking technology.

11. Webkinz

These guys were so much fun! I am pretty sure I have a couple redeemable accounts for them left at home.

12. Candy necklaces

A quick way to a sticky, slobbery neck.

13. Lava lamps

I was so easily entertained by the lava lamps. Watching the lava bounce from top to bottom, and then back up again, put me to sleep almost every single time.

14. Sea-Monkeys

My mom accidentally spilled mine down the drain. She felt awful, but I digress. Sea-Monkeys were so much fun to watch grow. Did you know that they actually are not monkeys, nor do they live in the sea? They are actually a type of hybrid type of brine shrimp.

15. Hit clips

Before the iPod nano, I carried one of these with me everywhere I went. I loved listening to the little bursts of Britney Spears.

16. Pin Point Impression Toys

I loved putting these up on my face to make an impression. So simple, yet so amusing.

17. Squishy Toy

Something about the way they moved was just so much fun. I always got really sad when they popped, and started leaking.

18. Wonder balls

The wonder ball was my favorite thing to pick up at the grocery store! I could not help but to get excited for the candy/prizes inside of the chocolate that I never actually finished eating.

There is your dose of nostalgia with a blast from the past! At one point it felt like I could not live without having them. Isn't it funny how much time changes everything?

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