16 Annoying Things That Happen At The Beach

Ah, the beach. It's definitely my favorite place to be during the hot summer months. While the beach can be an amazing escape from the stress of everyday life, there's also a lot of irritating things that can happen there. Here are 16 annoying things that happen at the beach:

1. When people choose to sit waaaaay too close to where you are sitting

2. When beach umbrellas come to life and fly everywhere

3. When people are careless and unknowingly get sand all over you

4. When you get hit with flying balls

5. When boogie boarders don't watch where they're going

6. When you get knocked over by a wave and end up flashing everyone on the beach

7. When people nearby smoke

8. When the lifeguard sees something of concern in the water and forces everyone to get out

9. When you get sand in your mouth

10. The hundreds of amateur wake boarders that are always getting in your way

11. The

thousands of muscle shells that line the beach

12. Bad tan lines

13. Falling into the millions of random holes hiding all over the beach

14. Seagulls.

15. When people talk on their phones and you learn their entire life story

16. When you get stung by a jellyfish

Regardless of all of these things, the beach is still one of the most amazing places to go during the summer. We all overlook these little annoyances because in the end, you know that nothing is better than a day spent at the beach.

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