15 Tips For First Year College Students
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15 Tips For First Year College Students

Starting college is stressful enough.

15 Tips For First Year College Students

I am going into my second year of college. I realize that I only have a year of experience, but that is the most stressful part of freshman year. The idea of not knowing what you are about to face is terrifying. Going back to school is never easy, and being out of your element is scary. I decided to give some first years 15 things I learned.

1. Your roommate does not have to be your best friend

In fact, you may not even get along that well. To be honest, that is okay. As long as you can live in the same room as them, you will be okay!

2. It is okay to stay in on a Friday night.

Whether you are stressed out or just tried, staying in is okay. Your mental health and academics should always come before parties.

3. Not everyone will be as mature as you think.

This does not mean no one will be. Just know that not everyone is as mature as people say. Remember, you just graduated high school!

4. You can be who you want to be, honestly.

If you are going away (especially if you don't know anyone), you can do what you want. In high school you had to be the same person you were labeled as freshman year. Don't fret -- college is different!

5. Focus on grades.

This goes along with the whole staying in on Friday thing. If you have a paper to do, don't go out. I know it isn't fun or appealing, but just get the paper done. Your grades will thank you.

6. Join a club.

I cannot stress enough how important this is. You will meet people with similar interests as you and you may not have the chance to meet people like them outside of the club.

7. Decorate your dorm room.

I promise that the amount of time you spend there is more than you think it will be. Decorate how you want, because you will want to be able to look at cute photos of you and friends with your favorite colors around you!

8. Ask questions.

If you do not know how to get somewhere your first week, just ask someone. We have all been there and we get it. It can be confusing.


I cannot stress this enough. GO! TO! OFFICE! HOURS! Your professor is more than happy to help you. I love google as much as the next person, but your professor and you will both value this.

10. Netflix will be your best bud.

I promise that watching a movie before bed or watching one episode of your favorite show because you are stressed will help. Sometimes you just need a half hour or so to unwind, and Netflix is perfect for that.

11. Get a job on campus.

I have an on campus job and that is how I made a few good friends. You get to have your own little family at work, and it is great. You can rant about stressful school things with other students!

12. Sleepless nights (or little sleep) will happen.

Every college student has stayed up for 30 hours straight to work on homework. Sometimes you just need to take a two hour power nap for the night and keep plowing through. It's okay, it happens.

13. Have a friend in every class.

I am not saying you need to be best friends, but swap numbers so when you need help you can work together. This is the best thing you can do for yourself.

14. Rent textbooks you do not need for your major.

Seriously, there are so many general education courses. If you know that you will not ever need that again, save yourself money and rent the book.

15. Balance classes.

I want my general classes done too. However, classes are a drag if you don't like at least one or two of them. Try taking one a semester for your major.

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