15 Tiny Moments That Add Up To Love

A relationship is a compilation of all the things two people do together and apart. It's easy to put pressure on a relationship during big events, but big events alone don't create a real, loving couple. Although the big moments mean a lot (the gift hunting on Valentines Day or the expensive dinner on the anniversary) the small moments can sometimes mean even more. The look you share across the dinner table when you hear something related to an inside joke between the two of you, the feeling you have when they wear the gift you got them. It's important to keep in mind that a relationship made mostly of the little things you two go through together. Going grocery shopping together can be just as much of a bonding activity as going to an expensive dinner together.

Here are 15 tiny moments that show what real love looks like:

1. When your significant other makes coffee/breakfast for you before you wake up in the morning.

2. When you give your significant other a back massage after a hard day, even though you are tired yourself.

3. When they stay up with you all night because something in your body is hurting (bonus for trying to Google an answer to your pains).

4. When you go to three different grocery stores to find your significant other's favorite ice cream/chips/game.

5. When you lock eyes at a family dinner and know exactly what you are going to talk about in the car afterwards.

6. When your significant other carries in all of the grocery bags without you even asking.

7. When your significant other surprises you with food because they know you will be hungry when you get home.

8. When you start tidying up around the house because your significant other is a clean freak.

9. When your significant other eats all the other candy in the bowl but leaves your favorite candy for you.

10. When you and your significant other settle down to watch a movie, and you automatically put a blanket over them, without even asking if they want it or not.

11. When your significant other runs out to the store at 3 a.m. to buy you cold medicine when you are incredibly sick.

12. When you exchange inside jokes together.

13. When you literally can't stay mad at one another for longer than 20 minutes.

14. When your significant other takes more gentle care of you when it is your "special time" of the month.

15. When you make weird noises at each other when you don't want to talk/have anything to say but you still want to communicate.

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