15 Times Chandler Bing Perfectly Described Us All

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two decades, you are at least familiar, if not obsessed, with the hit sitcom Friends, which ran for ten beautiful years (1994-2004) on NBC and provided its fans with six incredible lifelong best friends. Although Friends crushed a few souls with its unrealistic portrayal of apartment-living in New York City, it also blessed us with perhaps one of the best sitcom characters of all time: Chandler Muriel Bing. Not only was Chandler outrageously witty, he was also an easily relatable characters, which is likely why he is still so adored today. Looking back, it seems as though Chandler had a face, gesture, or joke for every mood, and I'd like to think a little piece of Chandler's unforgettable character lives within each and every one of us.

1. That time Chandler used his notorious catchphrase to express the struggles of dating.

And could he be anymore incorrect? Come on Chandler, you're a catch.

2. When he perfectly summed up your prospective Tinder, Twitter, or Instagram bio.

And did so with unmatchable eloquence and poise.

3. That time he offered advice to a friend in need.

Because, let's face it, we all have that friend.

4. When he recognized the importance of philosophical discussions.

If you say this thought has never crossed your mind, you are a dirty, dirty liar.

5. Or that time he was brave enough to admit his weaknesses.

If only we could all be so humble.

6. When he expressed an efficient way to avoid awkward encounters.

Or maybe this method just leads to more discomfort. Oh well, too late to change who you are now!

7. That time he was incapable of taking a decent picture.

Admit it; this is you every time you attempt to take a selfie. And no, you don't need to blame the lighting or the camera. Some days it's just really hard to be photogenic.

8. When his gym habits were a little too relatable.

No one sticks to their New Year's resolutions anyway!

9. That time he wasn't afraid to sing as though no one was listening.

Even though people were totally listening.

10. When he was a master at communication.

And summed up how it feels to desperately try and save a dying conversation.

11. That time he just wanted to be in the loop.

Because we all just want to be included.

12. When he finally had the guts to speak his mind.

And you should applaud him for his honesty.

13. That time he went out on a limb and was experimental with his look.

Just like you when you ponder a pastel hair color or high-waisted mom jeans!

14. When he didn't feel the need to establish boundaries with his best friend.

Because boundaries are overrated when it comes to friendship.

15. And finally, when he just wanted to be there for his friends.

Even if you aren't the most sensitive of people, you still make it a priority to help your friends out in any way possible.

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