15 Thoughts A Red Sox Fan Has While Sitting In Fenway Park

15 Thoughts A Red Sox Fan Has While Sitting In Fenway Park

Take me out to the ball game.

Living near or in Boston has its perks, we have great sports team, specifically baseball. There is nothing like sitting in Fenway Park with your friends and watching a game on a Friday night. Something just so special about the environment and the fans.

1. Seeing the Citgo sign and knowing you're home.

Walking into Fenway and seeing the infamous Citgo sign is the number one way to know you're home. Then looking to your left and seeing the entrance gate, you know it's game time.

2. I paid how much for these seats?

Dropping $450 on tickets probably wasn't my best decision, but it for sure wasn't the worst. I might be able to get some sweat on me from a player if I'm lucky.

3. I can't wait for opening day next season.

Waiting for tickets to go on sale is annoying, but so worth it. All you have to really hope for is that it doesn't rain.

4. Why did Big Papi have to retire?

The man, the myth, the legend. This is our fuc*ing city.

5. Where is the hotdog guy?

It always seems as if when you want food no ones around, but when you don't, every vendor possible is trying to sell their product.

6. $5.75 for a water bottle? I could buy a whole case for that much.

As if the tickets and the parking wasn't enough, they have to charge an arm and a leg for a water bottle.

7. Oh yeah, but I will take a water though.

I am pretty parched.

8. Why did he have to catch that, we needed that run! Dammit.


9. Sweet Caroline. Enough said.

Bum. Bum. Bum.

10. Why is the line for the bathroom so long, I'm going to miss something.

Seeing the line is a good twenty people deep and thinking you're going to miss the play of the century. Chances are you won't, but in the event you do, you decide to not go to the bathroom.

11. Where is Benintendi?

Benny Biceps. Enough said.

12. Did you see that play?

Bet the Yankees couldn't have done that.

13. Where's Wally?

Oh, there he is. Wally is so iconic and is definitely the best support system the Sox could ever ask for. Plus, if you ever see him, he will take a picture with you.

14. The Wave.

Nothing better than half way through the game and seeing the wave coming your way. We are the best fans.

15. Win. Dance. Repeat.

Because there is no better feeling than seeing Benintendi, Betts, and Bradley Jr. join together in the outfield at the end of the win and seeing them do their dance.

CLEARLY, being a Sox fan is the best decision you could ever make. But, if you aren't convinced yet, just wait and see next season.

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Can Matt Harvey Bounce Back In 2018?

Will the Dark Knight ever return to form?

For Matt Harvey, 2018 has to be more than just a bounce-back year. It needs to be the year where he defines his entire career.

It seems like an eternity ago, but at one point, Matt Harvey seemed like the future of the Mets. Before Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard even joined the team, Harvey was there, breaking records and starting All-Star Games. Typical rookie stuff. In 2015, when the Mets reached the World Series, Harvey’s dominant 8+ inning performance in Game 5 came crashing to a halt after walking Lorenzo Cain and giving up a subsequent RBI double to Eric Hosmer. Harvey was removed from the game, and the Mets would lose the series later that night.

Since then, Harvey has never been the same pitcher he once was. Over the past two seasons, he’s gone 9-17 while posting a staggering ERA of 5.78. He wasn’t able to finish either season due to injury.

However, 2018 will be a year where the Mets can only go up, and in a contract year, Harvey has the chance to prove he can be a dynamic part of the team’s rotation. With Manager Mickey Callaway at the reins of a complete turnaround for the Mets after an abysmal 2017, it would only make sense that Matt Harvey could completely turn his career around.

During his tenure as pitching coach for Cleveland, Callaway was responsible for the evolution and domination of both Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco, pitchers who led the Indians to back to back playoff appearances over the past 2 years. With the Mets, Callaway believes he can do the same, and that the talent is inherent for the team. “The amount of very good arms and quality stuff we have in this Mets organization, I promise you nobody else has that,” Callaway said on Tuesday.

Of course, in order for the talent to shine, the Mets need to overcome their greatest weakness and stay healthy. In 2017, four out of the five probable starters for the Mets all served lengthy stints on the disabled list, while DeGrom was the only SP to have an effective season. While Callaway danced around the idea of limiting pitchers’ innings, he put an immense emphasis on health, a topic that Harvey has struggled with immensely.

After undergoing surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome in 2016, and in 2017, Harvey received more surgery to repair his left shoulder blade. While there are still plenty of questions regarding his health, and if he could possibly return to form in 2018, Callaway has put his faith into not only Harvey, but the entire Mets pitching staff. “There are smiles on everyone’s faces because they’re coming in healthy and what I’ve seen so far has kind of blown me away”

Cover Image Credit: WikimediaCommons

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From The Girl Who'd Rather Spend Her 18th Birthday At A Baseball Game Than At A Club

I'd rather spend my night with the greatest SEC fans over a bunch of random drunks, sorry not sorry.

Friday, February 16th is a very special day in more ways than one. Not only is it the LSU Baseball season opener, but it is also my 18th birthday! While most people would be dying to go out for the first time, I am dying to spend my night at Alex Box Stadium! What better way to spend my birthday weekend than with my favorite people, fans, and school?

Here are 5 reasons I'd rather spend my 18th birthday at a baseball game than at a club.

1. The atmosphere is WAY more inviting.

Any normal night spent in Alex Box is a night well spent, but the season opener is always incomparable. Being surrounded by thousands of the SEC's greatest fans just fills your heart with happiness. Seeing the freshly painted lines and bases, the perfect green field, and some of the greatest collegiate ballplayers is something everyone should experience at least once.

2. Bonding with my parents = highlight of the weekend!

Opening weekend will be the team's first 3-game series of the season, and I have the privilege of attending the first and last game of the weekend. I won't be doing it alone, though! Two games mean two separate opportunities to spend time with my parents! LSU sports is definitely a favorite pastime in our household, and getting to share this weekend with my parents is probably the highlight of it all.

3. Less confrontation... unless you sit next to a fan of the opposing team.

When I think of a club setting I think loud music, belligerent drunks, and people I don't know EXTREMELY close to me. On top of that, I am fully aware of how some girls act with a little too much alcohol in their systems; everything becomes an issue. At Alex Box, the only confrontation I have ever witnessed is the friendly fire of competitive fans. Sometimes it can get a little heated, sure, but what are sports without crazed fans?

4. Jersey #8

Normally girls have their favorite player(s) on any given baseball team, and 9/10 times they base their favorite on looks. My favorite players on many of LSU's past/current team(s) have generally worn jersey #8. Whether it be Mason Katz, Cole Freeman, or Antoine Duplantis, there is something about their passion and dedication that makes them stand out in my eyes (as well as the eyes of many other fans).

5. The love of the game.

My entire life I have grown up around the game. No matter of playing or watching, baseball/softball runs in my veins, and I wouldn't change a single thing about it! Baseball being "America's game" rings true in my heart, especially when LSU is involved!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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