Living near or in Boston has its perks, we have great sports team, specifically baseball. There is nothing like sitting in Fenway Park with your friends and watching a game on a Friday night. Something just so special about the environment and the fans.

1. Seeing the Citgo sign and knowing you're home.

Walking into Fenway and seeing the infamous Citgo sign is the number one way to know you're home. Then looking to your left and seeing the entrance gate, you know it's game time.

2. I paid how much for these seats?

Dropping $450 on tickets probably wasn't my best decision, but it for sure wasn't the worst. I might be able to get some sweat on me from a player if I'm lucky.

3. I can't wait for opening day next season.

Waiting for tickets to go on sale is annoying, but so worth it. All you have to really hope for is that it doesn't rain.

4. Why did Big Papi have to retire?

The man, the myth, the legend. This is our fuc*ing city.

5. Where is the hotdog guy?

It always seems as if when you want food no ones around, but when you don't, every vendor possible is trying to sell their product.

6. $5.75 for a water bottle? I could buy a whole case for that much.

As if the tickets and the parking wasn't enough, they have to charge an arm and a leg for a water bottle.

7. Oh yeah, but I will take a water though.

I am pretty parched.

8. Why did he have to catch that, we needed that run! Dammit.


9. Sweet Caroline. Enough said.

Bum. Bum. Bum.

10. Why is the line for the bathroom so long, I'm going to miss something.

Seeing the line is a good twenty people deep and thinking you're going to miss the play of the century. Chances are you won't, but in the event you do, you decide to not go to the bathroom.

11. Where is Benintendi?

Benny Biceps. Enough said.

12. Did you see that play?

Bet the Yankees couldn't have done that.

13. Where's Wally?

Oh, there he is. Wally is so iconic and is definitely the best support system the Sox could ever ask for. Plus, if you ever see him, he will take a picture with you.

14. The Wave.

Nothing better than half way through the game and seeing the wave coming your way. We are the best fans.

15. Win. Dance. Repeat.

Because there is no better feeling than seeing Benintendi, Betts, and Bradley Jr. join together in the outfield at the end of the win and seeing them do their dance.

CLEARLY, being a Sox fan is the best decision you could ever make. But, if you aren't convinced yet, just wait and see next season.