15 Things You Could Do Besides Start Your Paper

15 Things You Could Do Besides Start Your Paper

Staring, at the blank page before you..


We've all been there: the dreaded blank Microsoft Word document. The white glow of the screen mocks your fried brain as you attempt to start your paper with an intriguing and capturing hook. "In 1964, in the heat of the summer..." *delete, delete, delete* It's infuriating, it's discouraging, and it's something you could put off for another 30 minutes by doing one (or all) of these 15 things.

1. Look through Snapchat stories.

Ohh that cookie looks good.

2. Take a few snapchats with the ugly filters.

Damn, I look sexy.

3. Watch Tasty videos on Facebook.

Watching them dice the peppers is SO satisfying!

4. Stalk people on Facebook.

Hmm...interesting life decisions. I'm officially a creep. So disappointed in myself.

5. Get lost in the Youtube vortex of "recommended for you" videos.

Very weird suggestions, but it all adds up.

6. Peruse Stumbleupon.com

All of these websites are so dope. So awesome. I just learned how to moonwalk.

7. Text your friend/significant other/family member/someone you barely know.

I need them to know how much stress I'm under.

8. Check out the Instagram feed.

*Double tap*

9. Check your email to see if you miraculously have an email from your professor extending the deadline/a new deal from Dominos.

Correct, Britney.

10. Call your parents.

Paralyzed by the fear of failure.

11. Get a snack.

Snacks fix everything.

12. Search your surroundings for someone in your class that you kind of know and complain to them.

It's cathartic, really.

13. Look through your camera roll and relive all of the moments that you weren't struggling with this paper.

Yes, exactly.

14. Plan your dinner break, and then proceed to take your time at the dining hall.

Oh yes, I am dining tonight.

And finally,

15. Blast some pump up music.

Nothing can put you back on the grind like a good tune.

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