15 Comments You Give Vegetarians They DEFINITELY Haven't Gotten A Million Times Before

15 Comments You Give Vegetarians They DEFINITELY Haven't Gotten A Million Times Before

Please, we beg of you, stop making these comments.

Making the choice to become a vegetarian is personal. Of course, there are amazing benefits such as overall better health and exhibiting justice for animals, so we will definitely be ready to share those findings with you. However, it can get highly annoying, not to mention even a little awkward, when people relentlessly ask me the same vegetarian questions that I have already answered for them every time that I come around. I completely understand that people are inquisitive, but there comes a point when the questions can seem condescending. It's really no big deal that I do not eat meat; so please stop making it seem like one.

Here are 15 comments that all vegetarians are totally sick of hearing.

1. "So, do you eat fish?"

No. I'm a vegetarian, not a pescatarian.

2. "You can still drink milk, right?"

Yes. Again, I'm a vegetarian, not vegan.

3. "It must be so awkward for you to eat out."

Um... no not at all.

4. "Do you miss meat?"

For the tenth time, no I don't. If I did, then I wouldn't be a vegetarian anymore.

5. "Do you realize that animals are still being killed whether you are eating them or not?

Yes, I'm not naive. I am simply choosing not to condone that behavior by not supporting massive meat industries. Anyways, there are health benefits to not eating meat too.

6. "Doesn't this *insert piece of meat* look sooooo good?!?"

No, it does not...and I would greatly appreciate if you would stop waving it in front of my face.

7. "Just for clarification, you don't eat fish?"

No, no fish!

8. "Hey, you're a vegetarian, so you can't eat that."

Thank you for point out the obvious, but it is definitely unnecessary for you to announce to the entire room that I am a vegetarian when the main course of this home-cooked meal is meat.

9. "Should I make you something special?"

I greatly appreciate that you asked, but I am not trying to cause any trouble. You do not have to make an entirely separate main dish for me.

10. "Your bones are probably weak because of your lack of protein."

First of all, there are several sources of protein that are not meat. Second, I did not point out to you the fact that your meat-laden diet increases your risk for heart disease, so please let me just live my life and I'll let you live yours.

11. "Will your kids be vegetarians?"

If my children want to be, then yes.

12. "Are you planning to be a vegetarian for the rest of your life?"

I never even planned on becoming a vegetarian in the first place; it just happened. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

13. "How can you just cut something out of your life like that?"

The same way that anyone cuts anything out of their life.

14. "What do you even eat on Thanksgiving?"

Well, there are plenty of delicious sides that do not involve meat, so probably a few of those.

15. "Sorry, but you can't eat that because it has meat in it."

I am well-aware, and please do not feel "sorry" for me.

Cover Image Credit: Kelsey Dietrich

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Talking About Food Vocabulary

Food Vocabulary

Do you like to cook? Well, most of the people do. But, there are times when we get confused to understand some cooking instructions. As food is something that a lot of people talks about and there are words that you do not know what exactly they mean and how to use them. Also, at times when we are reading or taking cooking instructions, we do not know what it means. 

Let us try to understand the vocabulary that is usually part of cooking instructions. Given below are some terms that are used in the food recipes in an everyday situation. So, they can benefit everyone. These are as follows:

1. Bake means when we put our food in the oven and we cook it on heat, such as cake, bread, etc. 

2. Barbecue means when you grill your food. You grill meat and even vegetables at times such as potatoes, chicken, beef sticks, etc. You put it on grills and cook on fire or coals.

3. Beat in cooking instructions means to mix the food items quickly. You have to do it fast and continue. The example may include the egg beating, beating/mixing floor with egg, etc. 

4. Carve mean to cut meat into slices. It is a better word to say rather than 9instructing to cut the meat. 

5. Chop means to cut your vegetables into small pieces, such as chopped onions, etc. 

6. Broil is another term used. It means you cook your food at extremely high temperatures for a very long time, such as broiled chicken soup, etc.

7. Shallow Fry and Deep Fry usually confuse people, especially those who just started to learn cooking recipes. Both cooking techniques are oil based, but they have a major difference. So, shallow fry means you put your battered food, such as battered chicken, battered potatoes, etc. in oil but they are half submerged in a small amount of water, and the food just gets a little brown. However, in deep frying technique, you completely dip your food into the oil. The pan is full of oil, and the food is completely submerged in the hot boiling oil. 

8. Grate means to shred food, such as cheese, chicken, etc. with the help of grater/shredder. 

9. Saute/Stir Fry means that you put your vegetables or probably meat in a hot pan with little oil in it and you stir the food quickly. It is extremely healthy. 

10. Knead means the pressing and stretching the dough. When you do this, it can be made to make bread or pasta. 

11. Scramble means when you mix the white and the yolk of an egg. This is done nicely. 

12. Mince is used when you cut, particularly, vegetables or meat into extremely small pieces. In fact, to mince the meat a machine is used because it is not easy to do with hands. For vegetables, probably, the grater/shredder would help. 

These are the verbs that can be made use of both while giving and taking food recipes instructions. 

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31 Breakfasts From Around The World

Dump the Cheerios and try this for a breakfast.

At the crack of dawn, the sun begins its ascent above the horizon, signaling the start of a new day and igniting your morning stomach rumbles. You race to the kitchen, get yourself a nice big bowl and fill it to the brim with milk and your favorite cereal. For most people in the United States, this is what a typical breakfast looks like; however, when it comes to international morning cuisine, meals range far and wide from kimchi in Korea to lentils in India. By sharing this list of continental breakfasts, my goal is for you to discover that a diverse realm of morning meals exists beyond that of Cheerios and skim milk.

1. France

If you think, "baguette" when you think of France, you're exactly right. Breakfasts aren't huge here, but you can find Frenchmen slathering their bread with a variety of jams and jellies...and let's not forget Nutella.

2. Russia

Having been raised in a Russian household, I can say that we pretty much eat anything for breakfast; from blini (crepes) to caviar, Kasha (buckwheat in English) to kielbasa and butter with rye bread, the Russian breakfast is filling and provides a good start to the day.

3. Japan

Not getting enough of those Omega-3s? With a breakfast whose icon is fish, a morning meal in Japan is sure to supply you with droves of this essential fatty acid.

4. Germany

Are you one of those people with a ravenous appetite in the morning? Or maybe you're just indecisive? Well Germany's got your back. A typical German breakfast consists of a spread of foods from meat and cheese to bread and vegetables.

5. Turkey

If you're into eating an array of unique flavors in the morning, then you might be a huge fan of the Turkish morning routine. Just look at that image!

6. Israel

As someone who has visited Israel for an extensive period of time, I can attest to the fact that the tomato-egg fusion of shakshuka is a staple of Israeli breakfasts. A delicious, healthy and easy meal to prepare, shakshuka is surely a great way to start the day.

7. Poland

Donuts for breakfast anyone? In Poland, jelly donuts are a breakfast favorite and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. Italy

In Italy, breakfast isn't really considered the most important meal of the day. Usually, Italians will sip on a cappuccino and enjoy a small pastry on the side. Nonetheless, the Italians are experts in the craft of espresso and pastry-making, so your morning meal is sure to be delicious.

9. Pakistan

Are you into delicious bread, spicy curry, and fresh, hot sweets? Then the classic Pakistani breakfast of halwa poori is perfect for you.

10. Netherlands

Unleash your inner child with this morning meal: toast slathered with Nutella or peanut butter, topped with a blanket of sprinkles.

11. Switzerland

Like the German spread, the typical Swiss breakfast provides a buffet of items. And, if you're ever having trouble deciding what to eat, go for the cheese (Swiss, of course!)

12. Thailand

Fried and spicy food for breakfast might not be everyone's thing, but if you'd like a jolt in the morning to get you going, a punch of curry ought to do the trick.

13. England

The word "hearty" and English breakfast go hand-in-hand. The traditional fry-up consists of beans, bacon, sausage, fried egg, fried mushrooms and toast. You definitely won't be hungry for the rest of the day with this meal.

14. Venezuela

Meat, bread and cheese are the elements that compose a Venezuelan breakfast. A buttery, savory Arepa bursting with cheese, egg, meat, avocado, chorizo (you name it) and grilled to perfection! Now who wouldn't want that?

15. Mexico

If you're a fan of Mexican flavors, chilaquiles are a fiesta of tortilla in mole with eggs that are sure to satisfy your morning appetite.

16. Andalusia, Spain

Not a huge breakfast person but still need a quick bite of something to get you going? The Andalusian morning snack is just what you're looking for: a minimalist combination of bread, olive oil and salt, it is both simple and temporarily filling.

17. Bulgaria

I don't know about you, but I'm a flaky pastry kind of breakfast gal. The Bulgarian "Banitza" is a morning favorite made of filo dough, eggs, and feta cheese.

18. China

In China, a thin, cylindrical doughnut known as "youtiao" is a popular morning dish that is meant to be eaten with soy milk. Some claim that youtiao is more delicious soaked in the milk.

19. Philippines

A breakfast in the Philippines consists of rice alongside meat, spam or really anything else. This meal is sure to fill your stomach for a long time and provide you with plenty of protein.

20. India

Poori masala is a scrumptious breakfast dish made of vegetables, mashed potatoes, spices and fried bread.

21. Singapore

Are you a porridge-for-breakfast person? Well, then Singapore's Congee dish will suit you well. Congee is a more, shall we say, exotic porridge, made with cuttle fish, pork or eggs.

22. Korea

Typically, Koreans eat the same meals round the clock and it wouldn't be unusual for you to discover kimchi, tofu, pickled vegetables and beef at the breakfast table.

23. Morocco

If you're the kind of person who loves to enjoy bread with a variety of different things and you love eggs, the Moroccan breakfast is your go-to.

24. Costa Rica

Gallo-pinto is a morning dish composed of rice and beans, making is both hearty, healthy and easy to whip up!

25. Iran

A filling, nutritious stew of wheat, lentils, meat, and spices, "haleem" is a hefty bowl of breakfast that knocks your bowl of Cheerios out of the picture.

26. Egypt

What's better than a simple hearty breakfast? In Egypt, "Ful medames" is usually consumed in the morning and is a concoction of beans, olive oil, parsley and veggies.

27. Greece

The Greeks enjoy a variety of savory pies, such as the well-known "spanakopita" spinach pie. I can say that I ate my fair share of this delight when I traveled to Greece a few years back.

28. French Polynesia

If you ever travel to French Polynesia, whether it be Tahiti or Bora Bora, you will inevitably encounter the fresh breakfast mixture of raw fish and coconut milk.

29. Iceland

During my trip to Iceland, I joined the natives in eating Skyr every single day for breakfast. Skyr resembles yogurt by taste, but because of the way it's manufactured, it is technically classified as a cheese. Skyr comes in a variety of flavors as well, so you have plenty to choose from!

30. Colombia

In Colombia, coffee alongside a delicious cheese bread "pandebono," is the typical morning fare.

31. Brazil

The Brazilians enjoy a simple, lean breakfast of bread, fruit and coffee. Easy, but tasty!

After reading this list, I hope you've gained an understanding of just how different the standard breakfast is in various countries. Perhaps you might ditch the cereal and try something knew in the morning.

Cover Image Credit: picjumbo.com

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