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15 simple things girls want from bae that we won't ask for

I know, we are complicated.

15 simple things girls want from bae that we won't ask for

Girls are biological over-thinkers, and we are needy beings. Girls play mind games without really realizing that they are playing mind games in the first place! Many times we want our mans to do certain things, but we believe they should just do them without our nudge. I know sometimes if these wants are not met, we get mad, which is ridiculously unfair, but reality none-the-less. I have compiled a list here to help all those guys out there, avoid our irrational anger!

We want:

1. Good morning and good night texts

2. Your shirts and hoodies

3. Surprise visits with food

4. Hugs from behind

5. Forehead kisses

6. A LOT of pictures together

7. Silent comfort when she is crying

8. Passionate support when she is venting

9. Small compliments

10. You to notice when our hair has changed

11. Comfort even when we say "I'm fine"

12. A bouquet of flowers for no reason

13. Your arm around us at the movies

14. Your coat when walking home

15. You to play with our hair

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