With over 28,000 students enrolled at UNC Charlotte, you would expect every student to have a completely different experience during their four (or five) years as an undergraduate. But if you're a true 49er, you should be guilty of all of the following...

1. You've been to a tailgate without ever actually attending a game.

Everyone simultaneously evaporates into thin air. Nowhere to be found.

2. You've walked into Peet's or Starbucks for a coffee and left because the line didn't move at all.

There's actually a freshman in Fretwell right now waiting for a coffee he ordered on the first day of class.

3. You've been harassed by a goose.

UNC Charlotte Demographic: 24 percent female, 32 percent male, 44 percent geese.

4. You've cancelled plans with your friends to avoid North Tryon traffic.

1.2 miles away. 45 minute drive.

5. You've ordered an Avalanche at Pelican's.

Okay, maybe this was just me.

6. You've had to drop a class because you couldn't figure out what language your professor was speaking.

A Russian dictionary might as well be required reading for the course.

7. You've successfully avoided the 'Freshman 15' thanks to all of the stairs you're forced to walk every day.

Every day is leg day.

8. You've had Jimmy John's delivered to Atkins countless times.

You know that your total with delivery and tax is $8.39 exactly. And it's worth every penny.

9. You've suffered serious digestive issues from eating at Crown.

"I can't come to the library tonight. I'm......uh......sick."

10. You've taken a snapchat of the Belk Tower preachers attempting to convert everyone to Christianity.

Have you ever been told that you're damned to hell and on a path of complete self destruction by a man you just met six seconds ago? We have!

RIP Belk Tower

11. You've spent hours looking for your classroom in Colvard.

Who is responsible for the design of this building? We all have some serious questions for you.

12. You've stood in line for an hour to return/sell back your textbooks.

*Waits for an hour and gets $6 back*

13. You've skipped a class because you couldn't find a parking spot.

This must be a sign from the universe to go home and take a nap.

14. You've had to skip lunch because Bojangles ran out of chicken.

You had one job.

15. You've spent the last three semesters trying to register for that one last class you need to finally declare your major.

I'll just change my major. That sounds easier.