15 Things All Roomies Say On Sunday Mornings

1. What the f@!* happened last night?

2. Should I Insta this?

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3. Wanna get breakfast?

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4. We should do laundry today (never does it)

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5. Ummm how did we get home?

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6. Gym today? (never goes)

7. Who is that and how did he get in this picture?

8. Holy shit. I have so much work to do today

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9. Why are you still in your clothes...

10. Damn he was cute

11. Can we just sleep all day?

12. Why did you let me text him that!

13. We didn't take enough cute pictures once again

14. I'm only going to the library if you drag me

15. *4 PM* We should probably get out of bed...

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