15 Signs You're A Shopaholic



noun informal

  1. a compulsive shopper.

Some people occasionally surrender to the occasional impulse buy - that trendy watch or pair of sunglasses gleaming through the display case. Sometimes, that occasional impulse buy becomes more of compulsive. And, before you know it, you're grappling with a serious condition; you're on a downward spiral and shipping and handling and swiping your life away. You're a shopaholic.

1. Your clothes can't fit in just one closet.

2. Often, packages arrive for you that you don't even remember ordering.

3. Homework always somehow turns into hours of online shopping.

4. Saving money is nearly impossible.

5. You have your credit card and debit card number memorized.

6. Black Friday is the best holiday EVER created.

7. Your email is overflowed with weekly newsletters and updates from stores. Must. Not. Click.

8. You can't ever just buy one thing. Two (or eight) of everything is just better.

9. Nothing haunts you like that one shirt you didn't buy.

10. You can't ever wear the same outfit twice.

11. Whenever you order a package, you obsessively get text updates to track it.

12. Every time you look in your closet you find a shirt you forgot you bought and it still has the tags on it.

13. The sound of a card swiping is melodic to your ears - retail therapy is the BEST therapy.

14. Your career goals are centered around your desire to afford your shopaholic lifestyle.

15) You can't ever pass up "Free shipping" and "BOGO."

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