When you say UWGB most people don't know much about the school. They may know Green Bay has a university, but that's usually about it. For those of us who go to school at

UWGB we know it's so much more than just a school. It's become part of who we are and we're proud of it! Here are 15 signs that you're a student at UWGB!

1. You've become very afraid of geese

Anyone who goes to school here knows about the vicious geese on campus. It seems like there are hundreds of them and they all dislike us as much as we dislike them. I can't tell you how many times I've walked past a goose giving me the evil eye and I was scared for my life.

2. Campus is dead on the weekends

When I was first touring schools my mom was hesitant to me going here because she heard it was a "suitcase school," which meant most people go home every weekend. After moving here I realized this wasn't entirely true. Yes, a lot of people go home on the weekend and there aren't very many on campus activities, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun. I almost always have a friend I can hang out with on the weekends, and if I don't I know how to have fun on my own.

3. The tunnels are your friend in the winter

I've never heard of another school having tunnels connecting the academic buildings to one another. When I chose the school the tunnels weren't factored into my decision, but on those blistery cold winter days I'm glad I picked a school with tunnels. It makes walking to class in the winter such less of a hassle.

4. You never had to experience the horror of communal bathrooms while living on campus.

Even when you live in the dorms you don't have to worry about using a disgusting communal bathroom because every room has their own private bathroom. So no, we can't relate to those horrific communal bathroom stories.

5. You probably have friends outside your major

With our school being so small (6700 students) it's not uncommon to become friends with people outside your major. I know a lot of people in my major simply from having the same classes as them, but I've also made friends with people I had a gen ed class with, in clubs with, in the same group fitness class, or people I've just met at different social events on campus with.

6. You've become a fan of basketball

We aren't allowed to have a football team because of some deal we made with the Green Bay Packers decades ago, so instead of cheering on a football team, we cheer on our great basketball teams.

7. You have a car at school

Not everyone has a car on campus, but it's becoming increasingly common for students to have a car here at school. The main reason is because campus is so far away from the city, so without a car, you'd be pretty isolated. We do get free bussing, but the bus can only get you so far and a 10 minute drive would take you an hour on the bus.

8. Your school has a golf and disc golf course

Yes, here at UWGB we have a 9 hole golf course and a 9 hole disc golf course. Not everybody uses it, but for a golfer like myself, it's a nice necessity to have.

9. You've gone on walks with your friends on the trails

With campus being further away from town we have the luxury of having 6 miles of trails around campus. With so many trails there are endless routes you can take. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I have taken a hike on the trails.

10. You've walked to the bay to enjoy its natural beauty

One of the trails is an easy walk to the bay, so many students walk to the bay. Some do it for exercise, while others do it just to watch the sunset. No matter how many times you go to the bay you never get tired of listening to the waves crash against the shore.

11. You can't go anywhere on campus without seeing someone you know

Since our school is so small it's literally impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone you know. When I go to my classes during the week I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into 5 or more people I'm at least acquaintances with.

12. You've been to the "haunted" chapel.

I remember my freshman year this was THE place to go, but no one knew exactly where it was. After exploring the trails a few times we found it! There's nothing too special about it, since it's so small, but there's a little sign in book where you can put your name saying you were there.

13. You've become friends with the employees around campus

Everybody that works at the university is really nice! Over the years I've become quite familiar with the cashier ladies at the cafeteria. They are on the older side, so they feel like the school grandmas to me. They always ask if I have plans for the weekend and we always make small talk when I'm checking out. They are one of the key reasons why I feel so at home here.

14. You're friends with at least one nontraditional student, if not more

There are a lot of commuters at our school and many of them are past the "prime" college age. I've met a lot of peers in my classes that are returning students and many of them already have families of their own. I've made friends with a lot of these students and I love that they decided to come back to school!

15. You love being a phoenix and couldn't imagine being anywhere else!

Phoenix for life!

As a UWGB student, you could probably strongly relate to most of the things on this list. We may be a small school, but we definitely have plenty to offer. UWGB will always have a special place in my heart, and I'm sure it holds a special place in yours as well. Go Phoenix!