Trying to figure out if the guy you are dating loves you or not can be hard, especially when it's still early in the relationship. Love can be tricky. Anyone can say they love you and not mean, but you also could say it and not be ready to say it. Love is a beautiful thing and i believe that everyone should experience! Here are 15 signs that he loves you.

1. He takes you to meet his friends

2. Tells you to text him when you make it somewhere

3. He teases you, in a good way

4. He remembers the smallest details, like your birthday or favorite color

5. He will buy you a present, even if it's not that expensive

6. He makes inside jokes with you

7. When you are singing in the car, he will sing along with you

8. Sends you a text when you are sleeping saying how much you mean to him

9. You'll catch him staring at you with 'that look'

10. He tries to make you laugh, especially when you are feeling down

11. He will make plans with you for stuff in the future

12. When you're in bed with killer cramps, he runs to the drugstore for tampons and painkillers

13. When you're not looking, he's looking at you with a goofy smile

14. He says, "I love you" everyday

15. You don't questions how he feels about you - you know