Yeah, that's right! I like the show Gilmore Girls. I was raised by my mom with the show on continuously. I've seen every episode multiple times and seen the Netflix revival more than once. Personally, I will always love this show because there are so many different personalities that collide during the series. So, here are my favorite moments from Gilmore Girls.

1. After a Long Day Of Dealing With People

2. Trying To Stay Awake In An 8 a.m. Class

3. When It's Finals Week

4. When It's Been A LONG Day And You've Had It

5. When Your Parents Ask You About Relationships

6. When It Seems Like Everyone Is Dating But You

7. When You've Had A LONG Day

8. That One Day When You Have 4 Classes & Work

9. Trying To Find Motivation To Do Work On Weekends

10. Going To The Gym Is The Struggle

11. When Your Best Friend Doesn't Approve Of Your S/O

12. When You Find A B.S. Job To Make Money

13. Having To Talk To That Awkward Co-Worker

14. When You Go Out On 1 Date A Year

15. Sookie Predicted The Future On This One