15 Reasons Why Emma Roberts Is My Spirit Animal
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15 Reasons Why Emma Roberts Is My Spirit Animal

Surprise, bitch.

15 Reasons Why Emma Roberts Is My Spirit Animal
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You know that feeling when someone embodies you so much and you feel such a strong connection with them? When you start to question whether or not they're your long-lost sibling or best friend. We all have our favorite celebrity and celebrity crush (Hi Cole Sprouse, big fan). But when it comes to celebrity spirit animal? No questions, Emma Roberts.

It all started on a popular Nickelodeon TV show way back when, you know it, and I bet you're even singing the theme song as I'm typing this. Unfabulous, also known as the show that made me beg my mom to buy me a guitar so I could write and sing my own songs like Addie Singer when in reality I had a terrible voice and the guitar ended up collecting dust. Nevertheless, from that moment, Emma Roberts became the celebrity I looked up to and with these 15 reasons, you'll see why.

1. She's a style icon

How she manages to make even a simple jeans and t-shirt look good is beyond me. No wonder there's so many blogs and Pinterest pages devoted to her.

2. She's a total book nerd

From one book nerd to another, she makes my obsession seem normal. Even admitting to buying books and never getting around to reading them, I can so relate. Sign up and be a part of her online book club Belletrist.

3. We both share birthdays in February

When it comes to my birthday (February 19), I don't think of the fact that I share it with Victoria Justice, that it's one day before Rihanna's or two days after Ed Sheeran's. I think of the fact that it's nine days after Emma's.

4. She has some pretty famous genes

Not only is her aunt the incredible Julia Roberts, but she inherited more than her desire to be on screen from her, she got her captivating smile as well.

5. She plays on the best shows

From Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story to Chanel Oberlin in Scream Queens, Emma Roberts knows how to bring a character to life while delivering some pretty iconic lines along the way.

6. She was a Nickelodeon star

*Plays theme song in head.* If this show didn't make you want to pick up a guitar, sing and dance around in your bedroom, you're lying. Admit it, you also had a huge crush on Jake Behari too.

7. Her relationship with Evan Peters

After meeting on the set of the movie Adult World back in 2013 they've been together since and have gotten engaged as well. They also graced the small screen together by starring in American Horror Story. Can you say #CoupleGoals?

8. She plays in the best movies

There are too many good ones to list and it's impossible to choose my top 5, but I'll always have a soft spot for Aquamarine.

9. She can pull off any hairstyle

From red to brown to blonde, and short or long, Emma Roberts always comes out looking fabulous. Her long blonde hair is my personal favorite though.

10. She makes working out look fun

When I see her pictures of doing yoga or Pilates, it almost makes me want to exercise.

11. Body positivity

She did a photo shoot back in 2015 for the #AerieREAL campaign where none of the photos were retouched. She chose to do this for her little sister when she realized how hard it is for girls her sister's age with social media. She wanted to promote the idea that it's okay to look like yourself.

12. She's a coffee lover

She's often said how she can't go a day without a Starbucks coffee, who can't relate to that?

13. She's the ultimate Coachella "Princess"

Vanessa Hudgens may reign as the queen, but Emma Roberts isn't too far behind.

14. She knows how to give a mean R.B.F. (Resting B*tch Face)

If you want to know why I'd rather do this than smile, she's the reason. No shame.

15. Her Instagram is #Goals

Filled with plenty of books, fashion, behind-the-scenes looks into her acting life and her real life, and her trips around the world Emma Roberts does not disappoint. Obviously, I follow her and like every new picture of hers that shows up on my feed.

So my question is, after seeing all of these reasons, why aren't you obsessed and following her yet?

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