15 Heart-Shaped Foods That Make Us Ask, "Why?"

Love is in the air this Valentine's season, and what better way to celebrate than with ridiculous heart-shaped food? It's no doubt that businesses take advantage of Valentine's Day to market to anyone who would consider eating something heart-shaped. Aside from chocolate- I didn't ever think anything else could be made heart-shaped. But oh I was so very, very wrong.

1. Heart-Shaped Pizza

I won't go too hard on this one, because I freaking love pizza.

2. Heart-Shaped Sushi

The fact that raw fish can be manipulated like this makes me uncomfortable.

3. The carrots in this salad.


4. Hard boiled eggs????

This is worse than the carrots.

5. These apples.

That seems like a hell of a lot of effort.

6. These cucumbers.

Did they use a stencil??

7. This panini.

The heart is oozing zucchini.

8. Heart-shaped steak.

Ron Swanson would literally kill the person who came up with this.

9. Be mine, clementine?

Okay, this is just lazy.

10. This tomato.

What? How? WHY?

11. These waffles that you'd have to eat 50 of to feel full.

Cute, but not very practical. Can I have some of those hard boiled heart eggs on the side?

12. These sandwiches that are equally as non-filling.

Yeah, imma need 10 more please.

13. This stupid cracker.

Can I have some heart shaped cheese?

14. Some heart-shaped brie for that heart-shaped cracker.


And finally,

15. This very impractical PB&J.

How am I supposed to even hold the sandwich?

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