For the last year and a half, Fairfield has undergone many renovations, from the new nursing building to a parking garage and perhaps most importantly, a new dining hall. Formally referred to as Barone, the newly renovated Tully Dining Commons is an entirely overwhelming experience.

If you’re an upperclassman entering the dining hall, you will have many, if not all, of these thoughts.

1. “Did I enter a hospital cafeteria?”

2. “Wow, these lights give me a migraine.”

3. “Sorry, freshmen, I don’t know where the forks are either.”

4. “Where’s the water?”

5. “Do I look upset? Because I feel it.”

6. “Wow, those pastries look good … how do I get them?”

7. “Seriously, where is the water?”

8. “Still haven’t found the silverware …”

9. “OK, next time we come here we’re declaring OUR spot.”

10. “The maps are helpful, but I still haven’t found the water.”

11. “How are they going to do Midnight Breakfast here?”

12. “Where did the Barone music go?”

13. “The workers are friendly and helpful, but I still don’t know where anything is.”

14. “Late night games are going to be tricky with a pizza oven in the middle.”

15. “Wow, I wish I was more self-sufficient and could cook for myself.”