15 Cringe-Worthy Facebook Posts That You Might Have Made In Middle School
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15 Cringe-Worthy Facebook Posts That You Might Have Made In Middle School

Like my status if you wish 13-year-old you wasn't the most obnoxious person on the face of the planet.

15 Cringe-Worthy Facebook Posts That You Might Have Made In Middle School

If you’re ever in the mood to feel an immense amount of shame, embarrassment, and maybe even a tinge of self-loath, simply just open up your Facebook profile page (finish reading this article first though) and scroll to the years that you were in middle school. Facebook’s timeline feature makes it incredibly easy to view posts from the past. Though we all may try to repress all of the memories of our undeniably uncomfortable and awkward middle school days, Facebook does not forget.

I’ve created a list (which may or may not be based off of actual posts off of my personal profile from when I was in middle school) of the most cringe-worthy posts you possibly made while you were in middle school.

  1. “Like my status for a ‘Rate, Hate, Date’”
  2. A status that was an inside joke that you have with one of your five hundred Facebook friends
  3. A selfie that you took on your flip phone in the mirror with your flash on which appears as though you took advantage of every single feature on Piknik to edit
  4. An embarrassing album of pictures that you took with your friends using photobooth on a Mac (bonus: each picture has its own uniquely obnoxious filter on it)
  5. A detailed paragraph-long status of every single thing that happened to you that day (every. single. thing.)
  6. “Thinking about him <3” <-- This was actually posted
  7. A picture of yourself that you took with the caption “looking rough” in hopes that your friends will comment compliments and deny the statement that you made in your caption
  8. A video you made from that time when you thought you were destined to become a YouTube star
  9. A status complaining about how much homework that you have
  10. Results from a quiz titled “How much are you worth?” I was appraised at $50 apparently
  11. An excessive use of “lol”
  12. “Skype me!”
  13. A status that summarizes an entire episode of Pretty Little Liars complete with spoilers
  14. A status which the only person that “liked” it was yourself (the art of self-appreciation)
  15. Overly dramatic Taylor Swift song lyrics that you felt summarized your life situation at the time
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