We all know Disney owns everything. But what exactly do they own?

1. A&E

The owners of "Duck Dynasty" is actually Disney.


This includes all of the ESPN's, so ESPN 2, 3, News, U, The SEC Network, and it even used to include the Arena Football League.

3. Marvel

All of your favorite superheroes are owned by the own and only Disney.

4. Go Pro

5. Photobucket

6. Lifetime

This includes Lifetime Movie Network.

7. ABC

This also includes Freeform.

8. Part of Hulu

30% to be exact!

9. Lucasfilm

They're the ones who made Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and The Land Before Time.

10. Hollywood Records

This is the record company for Demi Lovato, Bea Miller, Zendaya, and even Queen.

11. The History Channel

12. Dreamworks

13. Club Penguin

14. They used to own Oxygen

The creators of the Bad Girls Club.

15. They used to be a part owner of E!