I really love being on break. There's nothing like knowing you don't have to do anything school-related for at least 5 days. So, here's a list of the 15 BEST THINGS about Thanksgiving break.

  1. Seeing your pets!

    Let’s be real. Your human family comes second to those furry animals you also consider family (mostly because your pets can’t SnapChat, text, or FaceTime you).
  2. Sleeping in your own bed.

    There’s really nothing like crawling into your own bed after a long day. The clean smell, the squishiness of the pillows, the warmth of the blanket—also, it’s probably a lot roomier than a twin XL. #soexcitednottorolloffmybedyay

  3. Access to society

    If you don’t have a car on campus or a friend with one, you’re basically stuck. But at home, there’s access to cars! To restaurants! To movies! To stores! To radio music!

    I don’t know about you, but every time I go home, I’m lugging as much of my dirty laundry back as I can carry. There’s no way I’m paying $2.50 to wash and dry one single load of laundry, especially if I have more than one load to do. If you also run out of quarters, well, you’re in luck—Mom and Dad’s washer will hopefully do the job for free.


    No, not the TV show (although that’s another good point). I’m talking about high school buddies or old friends that you don’t go to school near and that you practically never see. Thanksgiving’s a great time to go and meet up. Talk about that new person you’ve got a crush on, or figure out how it’s possible that they’ve changed their major six times in the past year. Either way, it’s good to catch up and reinforce those relationships—especially if they’re wonderful.
  6. Parents pay for stuff

    Being at college typically means being as financially independent as you can be ATM… But at home, parents will pay for everything, and it’s wonderful. No more worrying about where your next meal will come from, because the ‘rents have got it covered.
  7. The food

    In all honesty, no college or university in the world has great food. (If yours does, let me know so I can see if I can transfer... Just kidding. Maybe.) But after a while, eating at the dining halls tends to get a little, well, boring. Dry. Tasteless. Insert other negative adjective of your choice here. Home at Thanksgiving means good food, no matter what culture you’re from. "HALLELUJAH!" sing your taste buds.
  8. Sleeping in

    Yeah, you can sleep in on weekends at school, but as said before, there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed for 14 hours straight. You feel rejuvenated, refreshed, like you can conquer the entire world. That’s something that you don’t get often, and you should really take advantage of it.
  9. The ability to do nothing

    In my opinion, this is the best part about break—you don’t actually have to do anything, if you don’t want to. If you want to take a nap, go for it. If you want to watch Netflix for 18 hours straight, you do you. If you want to have a staring contest with the wall, be my guest—you’re under no obligation to do anything. Yeah, sure, you might have some familial commitments, but you can always go back to doing nothing.
  10. The ability to do something

    I often feel like I have no time to do anything fun at school because I’m so focused on schoolwork and extracurriculars. But for me, just knowing I have the potential to do something whilst at home is great. I can do something if I want, just as much as I can do nothing if I also want to do that.
  11. F.R.I.E.N.D.S… or Netflix

    Yeah, I mentioned this before—but you can literally spend your entire break catching up on the shows you’ve missed, or, if you’re like me, anxiously awaiting the Gilmore Girls revival and rewatching the best episodes. (None of which are in Season 7. Season 7 NEVER HAPPENED.)
  12. Preparation

    Usually, break falls right before what I like to call “The Downhill Slide,” by which I mean that literally every professor starts assigning a million and one projects and exams and papers in preparation for the final exams themselves. Thanksgiving Break allows for you to regain your senses, so to speak, and to prepare yourself for the onslaught that is to come.
  13. A break from the whirlwind that is campus life

    In college, we’re always doing the same things, always seeing the same things, and it’s really nice to take a step back for a while. It gives our sore eyes a break, and yeah, it might actually allow for greater appreciation of our campus when we return. Also, it’s really nice not to have to do or attend a million things. It’s nice to be able to think about other things.
  14. Family

    We might not get along all the time, but there’s something to be said about the power of family. It’s nice to talk things over with the parents, give the usual This-Is-What-I’m-Doing-And-I’m-Very-Busy talk to the grandparents and aunts and uncles, but it’s also great to sit down and play games with them and take a break from talking. Sometimes, love doesn’t come in the form of words, but in actions.
  15. … you can go back to school!

I remember when I was little, I used to get sick of being at home approximately three days into break. And, true to form, it still resonates with me, although I think I last a lot longer than three days. (Maybe five.) At college, you build your own life and your own schedule, and sometimes, you can’t adhere to that while at home. But the good news is that you’ll be able to get back to school, your friends, and your life soon enough.