15 Things To Do To Beat The Midwest Summer Heat

Anyone who lives in the midwest knows that point in the summer where the temperature goes up and never seems to come back down. Now that we've entered that, I've discovered a few new tactics to stay out of the miserable heat and still enjoy my summer.

1. Watch Food Network.

And dream about being that good of a cook (or having that good of a cook cook for you).

2. Go shopping.

You know who has really good air conditioning? The mall.

3. Or shop online.

Cut out the walks to and from your car and just stay inside your house. Preferably under a fan.

4. Look online for dogs to adopt in your area.

Try not to get too attached to any of them. (Ha!)

5. Work out indoors.

When it’s too hot to go outside and you don’t have the accessibility to your college’s recreation center anymore, just work out in the comfort of your home. Don’t have equipment? Use a good-old fashioned workout tape or there are tons of bodyweight and cardio exercises that don’t require equipment on Pinterest. On that note…

6. Get addicted to Pinterest.

And actually attempt some of the things you pin.

7. Look up all of the best vacation places with cold-weather climates.

And pretend you’re there, not sweating.

8. Clean out your closet.

And, if you want or can, try to sell your clothes. Because a little money never hurt anyone.

9. Try different ways to put your hair up.

Because the plain pony tails are going to get old.

10. Catch up on your reading.

Specifically, those of the “guilty pleasure”/“summer reads” category.

11. Go see a movie in the theaters.

Summer movies are always the best and the AC is prime inside the theater.

12. Re-watch all of your favorite kid movies.

Take yourself back to your childhood summers with your collection of Disney, "Land Before Time" and (the ultimate) "Scooby Doo."

13. Teach yourself a new language.

Use Duolingo to teach yourself just about any language you could want to learn. Bonus: Learn a language from one of the places from #7 and really get into the spirit of pretending you’re there.

14. Find a good (indoor) place to watch sports.

Whether it’s a sports bar or just a lucky spot on the couch, choose a nice, cool place to watch your favorite team play in the miserable heat.

15. Sleep.

Sleep is always good.

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