14 Ways To Celebrate Loving Yourself On Valentine's Day
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14 Ways To Celebrate Loving Yourself On Valentine's Day

After bringing myself out of the routine of watching Netflix all day, I decided to unwind while doing productive things at the same time.

14 Ways To Celebrate Loving Yourself On Valentine's Day
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Oftentimes, I find myself sitting in my bedroom scrolling through Netflix, trying to find movies or TV shows that are the least bit interesting. I never intended this to become a routine, but after it became so repetitive, I decided to stop wasting my time and find something to do that both relaxes me and keeps me productive at the same time (one of them actually being writing this article).

1. Play the ukulele.

One of my dearest friends gave me a ukulele for my birthday, and I could barely keep my hands off it since. When I finish my homework or decide that it is time for a break, I pull out my ukulele and start learning and creating new tunes.

2. Listening to music

If you do not have a ukulele and are not planning on buying one soon, find new music to listen to or make a playlist of some of your favorite songs. I always find this a productive thing to do since finding the perfect group of music after searching through the depths of Spotify is like acing a chemistry test after studying for hours.

3. Taking a bath

I know, taking a bath is more on the relaxing side. But if you combine it with step two, taking a bath while listening to music may just get you thinking about some things that you never considered before.

4. Meditating

On the other hand, clearing your mind is just as productive as filling it with plentiful thoughts. Meditation is difficult to do at first, but with practice it can easily satisfy you with your progress as well as allow yourself to unwind and release a great deal of stress that may be on your plate.

5. Make a face mask or scrub!

Feel like softening up physically? Homemade facial masks and scrubs can do just that.

6. Or make tea.

From scratch or a bag, tea is very healthy and tasty! Personally, I am a coffee person, but tea is known to help improve concentration and alertness.

7. Cooking or Baking

Learning how to make your favorite meal is one of the best ways to make yourself happy. Food is great.

8. Take some notes and listen to motivational music.

Starting your homework is not the best feeling, but with some motivational music by your side, you can feel at ease while getting your work done!

9. Schedule yourself for the day or the following week.

Even if you do not have a busy week ahead of you, planning it all out helps you remember what you need to get done and when it needs to be done.

10. Watch the news or listen to podcasts.

Want to stay updated on current events? Simply look up whatever you want to hear about, and an entire plethora of videos or podcasts will come along!

11. Record and edit a video.

Have you ever wanted to know how well you are at filming? Well here is your chance! Take it!

12. Write!

Write whatever you want! The words are yours; use them wisely.

(And you can write for the Odyssey by clicking here to apply!)

13. Arts and crafts, anyone?

While some perfectionists may consider this to be a stressful task, it does not have to be! Luckily, in a time like this you are not in art class, so there is no rubric to follow or a final grade to receive. Grab some clay, paint, glitter or string and create your own little masterpiece! Have fun with it and be proud of yourself for bringing your imagination to life.

14. Read articles on the Odyssey.

Maybe you saw this one coming. But come on! Odyssey is a world itself. Indulge yourself into it and introduce yourself to the hundreds of writers with voices that deserve to be heard.

Of course, there are countless of other ways to loosen up and stay productive at once. Who knows, maybe you will think of something else in the bathtub! Whatever it is, make it worth your time since you deserve to truly enjoy yourself every once in a while.

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