14 Tips For UConn Freshman

When I was going into Freshman year I had a few people who were helping me transition from high school to college. They gave me advice and tips, some gave me old notebooks, some gave me tours, and some just gave me words of wisdom. Here are some things I learned.

1. Leave your doors open

I met my best friends from the hallway of my dorm. We always had all of our doors open people would stop by and talk to us, people would come in and hang out. It is a great way to make really good friends really fast and easy.

2. Visit all of your classes before the first day

Become friends with an upper classman and ask them to take you on a tour of your classes before school actually starts. You don't want to have to wake up 2 hours before your 8 am class just so you can find it. Chances are, you're probably going to get lost anyway.

P.s. the GPS app kinda sucks and doesn't always work.

3. Dining Halls don't always suck

The dining halls are actually pretty good. Each dining hall is different. You will know what you like and you will know what days you go to which dining halls.

4. Pack your rain gear

It rains every Tuesday in Storrs. No exaggeration. Make sure you have rain boots, a rain coat, umbrellas (multiple because they will break from the wind) and any other items you think will be useful. It rains a lot.

5. Don’t ever bring home your winter coat

The weather is the most unpredictable thing. Last year it snowed on October 18th and then not again until like March. The people that brought home their parkas were really sorry.

6. Learn something about basketball

We are the Basketball Capital of the World. Learn something.

7. Go to as many sports games as possible

Get your friends and go to any and all sporting events. The tailgates before, the actual games and the fun after are all worth it.

8. Utilize the Q and W Center, review sessions, and office hours

The Q center is for any Q courses you may take. I.e. science and math courses. The W center is the writing center. They will help you with the papers you have to write. Your professor will hold office hours where you can go and ask them questions, review for tests, talk, literally anything. Utilize them. One day you may need a professor to write a letter of recommendation.

9. NEVER go to the Infirmary

They are always wrong. Always. If you are really sick and your parents can’t help you go to urgent care in Storrs Center. It's the same thing but better.

10. Beware of anything with wheels

You will almost get hit or run over so many times. Bikes, rollerblades, cars, buses, hover boards, skateboards literally anything. Just watch out.

11. Storrs is a wind tunnel

It is literally a wind tunnel. Some idiot built it that way. There is no escaping the winds of Storrs. It is awful in the winter with the snow. It actually hurts to walk outside sometimes.

12. Get active

Join anything and everything you can. Its an easy way to make friends and something to keep you sane instead of spending all hours of the day in the library (which totally isn't a bad thing)

13. Bring random, stupid, spirited clothing

You will go to themed parties. Especially frat parties. They will almost all be themed. You will never have to look nice for a frat party. (Darties are an exception)

14. Have the best 4 years of your life

This time will fly by. Live it up. Have most amazing time in the most amazing place. These will be the best 4 years of your life. Good Luck!

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