14 Signs You're Obsessed With Diet Coke
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14 Signs You're Obsessed With Diet Coke

It is never too early in the morning to drink it.

14 Signs You're Obsessed With Diet Coke

Diet Coke, while at first glance may seem like any other bubbly drink, is most definitely a lifestyle. Since its release in the 1980's Diet Coke has gained a strong following.

You either love it or hate it, but if you love it that love runs deep.

Regardless of all of the health rumors and backlash it gets, Diet Coke's fans are some of the most loyal you'll ever find. Here are 14 things you'll understand if you are truly obsessed with Diet Coke.

1. Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are your worst enemy.

Why would I ever want to ruin my precious Diet Coke with those weird flavors? Diet Coke always tastes strange coming out of those machines, too.

2. Diet Coke tastes better/worse to you at different restaurants.

As stated above, you know to avoid places with Freestyle machines, but there are also some restaurants with a regular soda tap machine and it's just never as good.

3. And you have a list of favorite restaurants for Diet Coke.

Some places just have their Diet Coke perfected to a science.

4. It only takes you a few seconds to tell the difference between Diet and regular Coke.

Regular Coke is sickening to you so you can tell when you start gagging uncontrollably.

5. You hate when people ask you if you drink it because you're on a diet.

It just tastes better than regular Coke. I am most definitely not on a diet considering the fact that I'm constantly drinking soda.

6. Your caffeine needs are met with Diet Coke instead of coffee

Give me a Diet Coke over coffee any day. It's the perfect way to stay awake all day.

7. Diet Pepsi is most definitely not okay.

Pepsi products are the devil in your eyes.

8. “You know Diet Coke can actually make you gain weight, right?" and “It's going to give you cancer!" are some annoying statements that you hear almost daily.

You've heard these things way too many times before and will never change your mind.

9. You always find empty cans and bottles of Diet Coke scattered around your room.

Normal people have water bottles everywhere, but we have Diet Coke bottles.

10. You've tried to quit drinking it many times but it never works.

That lasted about a week at most.

11. You legitimately go through withdrawals sometimes when you haven't had one in a while.

Sometimes you get headaches and cravings. When you tell people this they are genuinely concerned but it's just a normal thing for you.

12. If someone steals your Diet Coke, you will get very mad at them.

No, you can't have a sip. No, you can't take one out of the fridge.

13. It is never too early in the morning to drink it.

Diet Coke pairs perfectly with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack.

14. It makes you really happy to meet another person obsessed with Diet Coke.

It's a special bond that can never be broken.

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