The '90s was a great time to be a kid. Growing up, kids had the best toys, TV shows, music and especially food. It's a shame that a lot of the things we had in the '90s are no longer being made, especially foods and drinks like Surge, Dunkaroos or Pepsi Blue. Here are some of my favorite foods and drinks from my childhood that definitely should still be around today.

1. Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup.

Using ketchup hasn't been the same since '06. This made eating french fries, hamburgers, hotdogs and any other meal 10x more fun. With funky ketchup colors like blue, red, green and even a mystery bottle that could either be purple, orange or teal, eating food just hasn't been the same.

2. 3D/ Mini Doritos.

This, by far, has to be one of the saddest discontinuations ever. Not only did these Doritos come in these cool travel bottles, but they were probably the most fun foods we '90s kids got to eat as a child.

3. The Bubble Beeper.

Despite all of the controversy over this favored gum, the Bubble Beeper was modeled after the infamous beeper or pager that doctors, lawyers and many other professionals commonly wore around their waists. Theses sticks of gum, wrapped in a variety of neon colors, made every kid feel like a working professional.

4. Altoids Mango Sours.

These were the tangy treats that every kid loved to suck on as they puckered their lips with the rush of sour flavors running through their taste buds. These were the OG Altoids that also came in four other flavors: tangerine, raspberry, lime and apple.

5. Cinnamon Tic Tacs.

Not to be confused with the "Cinnamon Spice Tic Tacs," these "1 1/2-calorie" candies were one of the original flavors of Tic Tacs.

6. Crystal Pepsi.

Ah, the transparent Pepsi that had everyone in the world going crazy. Discontinued in '93 and reintroduced in 2015, this drink tasted exactly like Pepsi except for the fact that you could see right through the bottle. Still one of the most favored drinks of the '90s, people have been petitioning to bring it back into production for years, but so far, no plans have been made to bring the drink back.

7. Sqeezit's.

Originally introduced in the '80s, these kids drinks got its whacky name because you actually had to squeeze the bottles for the juice to come out. When you have sugary, fruity drinks with animated characters on the front with flavors like Chucklin' Cherry and Grumpy Grape, who wouldn't want to drink something like that?

8. Wonderballs.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this was probably the best candy and chocolate mix on the market in the '90s. With a surprise in every ball, what kid wouldn't want to eat these?

9. Kudos Bars.

What was supposed to be a milk chocolate cereal bar, was actually just a sugar-filled, rice krispy-like candy bar. This delicious treat usually came in a variety pack of three flavors: Dove milk chocolate, M&M and Snickers.

10. Butterfinger BB's.

These were the bite-sized peanut butter crunchy candies that everyone went crazy over. These were the smaller version of the bigger Butterfinger candy bar that was discontinued in '06 but brought back as Butterfinger Mini Bites in '09. Despite their attempt to bring back the iconic snack, they will never be the same as the original BB's.

11. The original Berry Berry Kix and Trix Cereal.

This is where today's kids are truly robbed of a childhood. They never knew the real Trix or Berry Berry Kix cereals for what they used to be. These breakfast treats actually used to come in the shape of fruits like grapes, watermelons, bananas and even oranges. Berry Berry Kix would also turn your milk purple and Trix would turn your cereal a delicious turquoise.

12. Sprite Remix.

These fruity drinks would add a twist to your favorite citrus-infused sodas. The Berryclear and Aruba Jam were discontinued '04 and '05, but the Tropical Sprite Remix was actually reintroduced in the last year and was available for purchase in select states and stores.

13. Sprinkle Spangles.

A crunchy corn cereal mixed with sprinkles was one of the most awesome things you could ever eat for breakfast.

14. Oreo O's.

Introduced in '97 and discontinued in '07, this breakfast cereal was probably the closest thing you ever got to eating cookies in the morning.