13 Years Of Joe Mauer

13 Years Of Joe Mauer

Minnesota native and a fan favorite, Joe Mauer has given over a decade of his life to the Minnesota Twins and we've loved every minute of it.

Minnesota's own Joe Mauer, born and raised in St. Paul, is a baseball favorite around the country. He's made a name for himself and keeps people talking about him. Spring of 2018 will mark Mauer's 14th year with the Minnesota Twins.

Mauer was a standout baseball player in high school, at Cretin Derham Hall, the same high school current Twins manager Paul Molitor attended. He was the only high school athlete to be selected as the USA Today high school player of the year in two sports, football and baseball. After high school, Mauer committed to play football at Florida State University, but instead decided to join the Major League Baseball Draft and was the Minnesota Twins first overall pick in the 2001 draft.

Mauer's started his professional career off with a bang, hitting 2-3. Hitting his first hit against the Cleveland Indians.

In 2009, Mauer became the first catcher to lead the league in batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage in a single year and the first player to lead the American League in all three since 1901 and the highest by a Twin since Rod Carew in 1977. Before the season started, he was diagnosed with inflammation in the sacroiliac joint which forced him to sit out during the teams spring training due to the pain in his lower back and missed the beginning of the season. After returning, he had the best month of his career, hitting 11 home runs and drove in 32 RBI's, becoming the first Twin to ever reach that mark in a month.

In 2010, Mauer agreed to an eight-year contract extension with the Twins worth $184 million, which took into effect in 2011 and will run through the 2018 season.

2013 was a big year for Mauer. Slowly transitioning from catcher to first base, testing the waters, the Twins announced that Mauer would permanently move to first base and would no longer be catching for the Twins. This change was made to protect Mauer from gaining further injuries, keeping him healthy for longer.

Most recently, Mauer helped the Twins clinch the wild card spot in the 2017 season and was the only Twins player to have over a .300 batting average. This was the first time the Twins have made the playoffs since 2010, which was the inaugural season for Target Field. Mauer is the only player currently still on the team since the last time the Twins made the playoffs.

"It's been awesome watching this team come together all season, it's been one of the most fun years that I've ever had," said Mauer

Joe, his wife Maddie and his twin daughters, Emily and Maren, currently reside in the Twin Cities area.

Cover Image Credit: Twins Pics

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Baseball Is More Complex And Inclusive Than What Meets The Eye Of An Average Viewer

This game is one of the greatest metaphors for life.

Many people consider baseball to be a boring or simple game, however, to me is more complex than it seems. If we break down baseball into movements we can realize that it is pure physics into action; the way that the ball is projected once it comes into contact with the bat follows Newton’s third law of action and reaction, and what it’s required to score a home run goes back to basic principles of geometry. The combination of these elements makes Baseball something more than a simple sport, and that’s how many fanatics feel.

Something that I have noticed is that if you are Dominican, it is immediately assumed that you are a baseball fan, and I’m not the exception to this general perception. I have witnessed how each year my homeland splits between the two teams battling for the first place in the winter baseball season, so I never had to ask to be part of this game, I was expected to.

Spending the summers of my childhood supporting my father while he played for a recreational league was a family mandate. My sister, my father, and I had to embark on weekly trips to distant locations in which the games were taking place. My father saw those field trips as an opportunity for us to visit his old neighborhood, and to learn about his humble beginnings. During games, I was able to interact with family and friends while cheering my father, even though at that time I didn’t exactly know what I was cheering for. To me it was not about winning, it was about having a great time.

A wonderful thing about baseball stadiums is that seats weren’t separated and I had to coexist with people who were not on my side. There, I was able to learn the art of laughing at the rival team while respecting their supporters. Years later, I had to employ the same concept while competing for my school’s debate team. While debating an opposing view, I had to draw a line between an idea and the individual, which wasn’t hard to do because I was used to interacting with people from the other team.

People might argue that a baseball doesn’t have anything to do with beliefs and philosophies, however, through the years, I have come to understand that baseball fans support their teams for many reasons. There are some people who enjoy sports in general and they enjoy baseball as any other game. On the other hand, there are those who watch or play baseball for tradition because, like me, they grew up in a family that loves the game. There also the parents who make their kids go to the games because, like my father, they see this as an opportunity to spend time with their family.

In my case, I support my homeland team, because it reminds me of where I came from and the people that I grew up with. Finally, there are those who see baseball with hope because it offers them the opportunity of a better tomorrow, like some of the kids from my country who train hard every day to achieve their dreams of becoming professional baseball players. For them, baseball is more than just a game, it represents the only real chance that most of them will ever have to escape the extreme poverty that surrounds them.

Watching my favorite sport motivated me to meditate upon my life, and served me as a road for self-discovery, to remain loyal to myself and my team during triumphs and tribulations and to never give up.

As the years progressed, I used my own experiences with baseball to guide my life. I learned that it doesn’t matter how good or talented I may be if my team is falling behind. And that life, like baseball, is not a one-man sport - it requires sportsmanship and cooperation in order to score. In some cases I must realize that a ball may be too high for me and I must leave it to those on the field to catch it.

It also helped me acknowledge the need for diversity, because a successful team is made out of pitchers, catchers, and basemen, with different expertise and skills. Games can often be long and tedious, especially if your team is losing, making it easier to get frustrated - that’s how I learned to be patient because in a blink of an eye, in one inning, everything can change and countless home runs can be scored.

Those above mentions are just a few of the great lessons that I acquired from the complex world of baseball. I understand baseball as a science, as a sport, as an art, but also as a way of life, as a philosophy of life conduction towards success, like the runner whose objective is to reach home.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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Giancarlo Stanton Is Now A New York Yankee

A team with firepower just gained...firepower.

I'll never forget where I was when I got my first glimpse of my beloved New York Yankees playing in the 2017 season. It was April 2nd and I was in New Orleans, miserable and exhausted after three straight days of celebrating my twenty-first birthday. It was the Yankees first game of the season and I basically had no expectations for them, so as I watched them embarrass themselves on national television; I was neither happy nor sad.

Fast forward to the end of October. The Yankees won 91 games and went on an unbelievable run. They beat the defending AL Champions in the ALDS and then went 7 with the eventual champion Houston Astros in the ALCS. It was the most exciting baseball season I had ever experienced as a fan and it featured some of the best baseball games I've ever seen.

I also had never had so much fun going to the Yankee Stadium to watch them play. I was upset when they lost to the Astros because the way they were playing suggested that they deserved to win the World Series. But I wasn't that upset because once again, I had no expectations for them and they turned into one of the most amazing feats any sports team that I adore has ever turned in.

I also wasn't that upset because I knew what the future held for the Yankees. I was kind of young in the late 90s so while I was alive to watch the last Yankees dynasty, I was too young to remember it. My first legitimate memory of baseball is, unfortunately, Luis Gonzalez blooping a single over Derek Jeter's head to win the 2001 World Series for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I wasn't that upset because now I get to watch the new Yankees dynasty. Keep in mind, this was back in October when I was excited to watch Aaron Judge, Gary Sánchez, Greg Bird, Didi Gregorius, Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, Starlin Castro, Aaron Hicks, and Miguel Andujar bring us back to the status we had when I was born.

Now it's, December and my goodness, have things changed quickly! I can now add someone new to the list of Yankees I'm excited to watch bring back the dynasty.

Throughout 2017, Yankee fans and all baseball fans were captivated by Aaron Judge's record-breaking rookie year. He hit 52 home runs and won the AL Rookie of the Year unanimously. The entire year, he was in a competition with only one player to see who could hit more. That man wounded up hitting 59 home runs and was named NL Most Valuable Player. He, of course, is FORMER Miami Marlin and NEW New York Yankee Giancarlo Stanton!

The Yankees, unfortunately, traded Starlin Castro to get Stanton but THEY HAVE GIANCARLO STANTON! It's basically a heist. The Yankees didn't really give up much to get him and now they have an absolutely stacked lineup. The thought of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in the same outfield or in the same lineup has gotten me so excited for next year I don't even know what to do. In my head, I keep hearing "Hip-Hop Hooray" playing in anticipation of how many home runs we'll be celebrating next season. I feel like my nephews on Christmas quite honestly.

Look at them! Aren't they two massive peas in a massive pod? And obviously the Judge-Stanton duo is what's getting all of the attention, but every other guy I mentioned above deserves a shoutout too. If a healthy Greg Bird and Aaron Hicks combine with these two sluggers, Didi Gregorius and Gary Sánchez, my goodness, they could wind up becoming Murderer's Row reincarnated.

If it wasn't already super exciting to be a Yankees fan, it certainly is now and I can't wait for 2018. Or 2019 or 2020 and so on.

And let's give Derek Jeter a major assist on this one! I mean, he was the one that traded us, Giancarlo Stanton, since he's now an executive with the Miami Marlins. This proves once again that Derek Jeter is and always will be the most clutch Yankee.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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