Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows the pain of the long hours, busy days, and cranky and tired customers from all of their holiday shopping. Working with the public is not always easy, having to constantly put on a smile even though you may be getting an angry ear full for something you cannot control. And don't forget trying to keep every customer happy with enough attention even though you are the only one working, and you are juggling 10 different customers. Working in retail is never easy, but it is especially difficult during the holidays.

1. What it seems like when two customers want the same thing and there is only one left.

2.When a customer won't stop giving you their life story when you have another 15 people in the store.

3. When you and your best friend are scheduled for the same shift.

4. What you are dying to say when customers stay 30 minutes past close. If only you didn't need your job.

5. Getting home after an 8-hour shift like...

6. Having to be nice to the customer who yells at you for not returning their item without tags and/or receipt. Hey, we don't make the policies.

7. The feeling you get when you make a huge sale.

8. When you're asked to work Black Friday and endure the masses of deal-crazed individuals.

9. Having to explain how the items purchased led to a total of X amount.... and then having to go item by item down the receipt- multiple times.

10. The moment your favorite customer comes into the store.

11. When a customer asks for a manager and they tell the customer exactly what you just told them.

12. Wanting to buy the cute new clothes that came in and knowing you can't because you have to be an adult and pay for adult things.

13. And when you go ahead and spend your paycheck and you have to survive another week and a half on $15.

Although working in retail has its difficult moments, I would not trade my job for the world. Sadly, my college job working in fashion will eventually have to come to an end; I could not have asked for a better job and co workers over the past two years. I will also say my time working with the public has changed my perspective on those working with customer service in various careers and jobs. Don't get angry and take our your frustrations on those just enforcing the rules they are required to. Afterall, we are all just doing our jobs.