13 Times Mickey And Ian Were 'Shamelessly' The Best Couple On Television
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13 Times Mickey And Ian Were 'Shamelessly' The Best Couple On Television

Their love is intoxicating.

13 Times Mickey And Ian Were 'Shamelessly' The Best Couple On Television

In honor of Pride month, I wanted to share some of the best scenes of my absolute favorite TV couple, "Gallavich" from "Shameless."

They are, in my opinion the best queer couple on television to date. Not only were they an extremely beautiful, twisted couple- they represented a queer couple more realistically than most televisions shows in the past. They were not portrayed as the "stereotypical gay couple," or a couple that includes one hypermasculine man, one hyperfeminine man, like in Will and Grace. Their love seemed raw, real, and kept us at the edge of our seat. Throughout seven seasons of "Shamless," Mickey and Ian have made us squeal with joy, laugh, and cry.

Additionally, the show portrays real problems that queer couples face, such as: accepting your sexuality, coming out, and backlash from the family. No matter if the creators of the show decide to continue on with the relationship, at least "Gallavich" represented the LGBT community as accurately as possible for so many seasons.

Here are the best things about Mickey and Ian's relationship:

1. When Mickey gets out of juvie

In season three, after Mickey is released from juvie, he says to Ian, "I missed you." This is the is first time that Mickey openly admits having any feelings for Ian. This is the moment that I knew their relationship was going to turn into something more than just a hookup.

2. Their First Kiss

In previous scenes, Mickey asks why Ian is sleeping with an older man. Ian responds with, "he's not afraid to kiss me." Later, as they are robbing the older man's house, Mickey runs back into the car and kisses Ian for the first time. It's one of the cutest scenes I've ever witnessed on TV, and made me squeal with joy.

3. When Mickey rescues Ian from the club

This scene happened after Ian became a stripper in Boystown. Ian is clearly going through a manic episode, and is doing drugs, so he is incoherent when Mickey tries to talk to him about where he has been. Ian passes out so Mickey picks him up and takes him home to care for him.

This scene is especially sweet to me because they had been apart for quite some time, but Mickey still goes out of his comfort zone into a gay bar for the first time to check and see if Ian is okay.

4. The shocking coming out scene

The scene that surprised us all. Ian says to Mickey that he is tired of being a mistress, and starts to leave, when Mickey makes an impulse decision to tell his family that he is gay in order to keep Ian from leaving. It didn't go too well, but the scene was extremely rewarding for the viewer, especially since Mickey was rejecting his sexuality for so long.

5. And...the scene directly after coming out

To be honest, Terry beat the shit out of Mickey and Ian after Mickey came out as gay. But, it turned out for the best—Terry goes back to jail, Mickey is let off the hook, and they are able to laugh it off. Pictured above is Ian kissing Mickey on the forehead after the bar fight.

6. The best kiss scene EVER!

No explanation needed, just watch it.

7. When Mickey showed how much he cares.

This is the first time that Mickey admits that he loves Ian to the viewer. Mickey is stressed that Ian ran off with his baby son and cannot find him, so he leaves him this sweet message.

8. The heartbreak you can feel when Ian gets checked into the hospital.

When Ian checks himself into a psychiatric hospital, Mickey comes with him to comfort him. As they say goodbye to one another, you can feel the sadness pouring out from both of them—Mickey, because he feels that he cannot help Ian get better, and Ian blames himself for all of the trouble he has put Mickey and his family through.

9. When Mickey comes over and apologizes after Ian is released from the hospital.

Mickey goes AWOL for a while because he can't deal with Ian's bipolar diagnosis, but once he realizes that he needs to be there for Ian, he comes over and apologizes, lays down with Ian and kisses him on the forehead. *Heart eye emoji*

10. "Southside piece of trash" Scene

At this point, Mickey takes on the role of the caretaker as Ian battles his mental illness. Ian feels trapped in his illness, so he wants to relive old times by going to the bleachers and drinking beer. Mickey warns him not to drink on his medication, and that's when he flips out at Mickey and asks where is the "shit talking, bitch slapping piece of South Side trash" that he fell for.

11. The date that never happened

After drinking at the bleachers, Mickey and Ian realize that they have never even been on a first date. They decide to go on one at that moment, and Mickey gives Ian a piggyback ride as they walk back to the house. However, the date never happens because Sammi interrupts calls MPs on Ian. I'm sure all of my fellow Shameless fans still feel the hatred for Sammi, too.

12. "You're under my skin" Scene

After Mickey breaks out from jail, he reunites with Ian at their old hookup spot. Mickey invites Ian to come with him to Mexico, and then says "I thought a lot about you inside. You're under my skin, man. The fuck can I do?"

13. The goodbye scene

UGH, just thinking about this scene is making me feel sad. Ian goes all the way to the Mexican border with Mickey, only to realize that he can't go with Mickey and leave his life behind. They have an emotional last kiss, and then Mickey says (as he always does), "Fuck you, Gallagher" and drives away.

Do you think that Mickey will make a comeback in season 8?

Let me know what you think.

And of course, happy Pride Month to all of my queer friends, near or far!

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