18 Movie Boyfriends Better Than Your Significant Other
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18 'Movie Boyfriends' To Turn On When Real Life Guys Are Turning You Off

Drop that frat boy and pick a Rom-Com Crush!

18 'Movie Boyfriends' To Turn On When Real Life Guys Are Turning You Off
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Are you getting frustrated with the boys in your life? Can't get a text back? Getting ghosted? Or maybe he won't take you out on a proper date and just wants to "Netflix and chill?" Girl, don't stress, we have all been there. It's all so predictable at this point.

Boys, if you're listening, girls are getting tired of your crap! At this point, I would rather Netflix with myself and daydream about one of my favorite rom-com crushes while stuffing my face with chocolate! Agree with me? Well, here's 18 boy options for you to swoon over!

1. Peter Kavinsky, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"


I had to start this list off with the millennial boy crush, Peter Kavinsky. He was a favorite in "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," with his cheesy grin and smooth moves. I mean, c'mon, the hand in the back pocket is TOO cute! Every girl wanted themselves a Peter Kavinsky and it's simple as that.

2. Troy Bolton, "High School Musical"


Growing up, I think every girl loved Troy Bolton more than we loved any other boy. He was so cute with his 2000's Bieber hair swish and made Gabriella feel so special. Plus, he was an athlete AND sang? Dream come true! I mean, you can't tell me that you didn't dream about getting a "T" necklace from Troy at your locker, like Gabriella did? "High School Musical" did it right when they created Troy Bolton.

3. Augustus Waters, "The Fault in Our Stars"


The devilish smirk and sarcastic remarks of Augustus Waters stole our hearts in "The Fault In Our Stars." Augustus was the smooth hottie who we fell in love with on screen. Sure, he did have cancer but we all put that aside. He was fearless and intelligent, who wouldn't want to be in Hazel Grace's place as Gus' girlfriend?

4. Patrick Verona, "10 Things I Hate About You"


Who doesn't love a bad boy? Patrick Verona from "10 Things I Hate About You" was the definition of the ultimate bad boy. From endless amounts of detention sessions to this charming wink/smile combo, he was a sneaky one. Patrick was the guy that you definitely should stay away from, but fall into his temptation eventually! But, the true way to our hearts, was Patrick's sensitive side. I mean, his singing montage was EVERYTHING!

5. Landon Carter, "A Walk to Remember"


Another bad boy turned sensitive soul would be the one and only, Landon Carter from "A Walk To Remember." He is my personal favorite of all the movie boyfriends, just for his overall development. I mean, he goes from being the leader of the most troubled crew at his school, to building a telescope in Jamie's backyard after she gets sick and can't watch the stars herself. If I could have any movie character sweep me off my feet, it would hands down be Landon Carter!

6. Noah Calhoun, "The Notebook"


Noah Calhoun is the epitome of a romantic man. Not only did he pursue Allie endlessly as a teen, but he wrote her 365 letters (one for every day of the year), waiting for her return. Nowadays, girls can't even get a text back from the guy in BIO-105. If you want to watch a movie with a guy who will love you until the end, Noah Calhoun from "The Notebook" is your guy!

7. Austin Ames, "A Cinderella Story"


Another childhood classic would be Chad Michael Murray in "A Cinderella Story." His character, Austin Ames, was another perfect example of the athlete who has a sensitive side. Did the 2000's want to drill this into young girl's brains? Because personally, I don't know too many quarterbacks who secretly want to be a writer. Anyways, his blonde hair, blue eye combo was enough to make me fall in love with Nomad609.

8. Will Blakelee, "The Last Song"


The summer romance that happens in "The Last Song" was one that every teen girl dreams of. Add a shirtless Liam Hemsworth into that equation and it sounds like a dream come true. Liam's character, Will Blakelee, had literally everything a person could ever want. He had the body, the money, and the girls fawning all over him. But, he is still not satisfied. A guy with a dream and motivation? Heart eyes times 10,000!

9. Edward Cullen, "Twilight"


Any Twilight fans in the house? Edward Cullen may not be everybody's forte, but while his white sparkly skin and blood sucking appetite may be a deal breaker, Edward definitely is a protector. His protectiveness over Bella is ALL OVER the Twilight movies, and I mean, who doesn't want a man to protect them from werewolves and rogue vampires? Plus, if you did end up dating a Cullen, maybe they would let you join in on their annual baseball game!

10. Jacob Black, "New Moon"


So, maybe vampires aren't necessarily your thing, no worries! I have a more chiseled, rugged option! Jacob Black is also a protector at heart, like Edward Cullen, but is also a bit of a softie. Plus, I mean, Jacob definitely plays into the "best-friend that is also in love with you" stereotype and honestly, I wouldn't mind if Jacob was swooning over me. Preferably with his shirt off! Either way, both Twilight boys would be a win-win situation!

11. Charlie, "Perks of Being A Wallflower"


Now, maybe rock hard abs or the bad boy type aren't your thing either! I think it's time for the sensitive boys of the world to shine! Growing up, Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower was definitely my type. He loves The Smiths, typewriters, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. He's a hipster's dream boy. Plus, the way he loves Sam is seriously the sweetest thing ever. He deserved better. Maybe he deserves you? Or at least you can hope!

12. Johnny Castle, "Dirty Dancing"


It's time for a blast from the past! I may not be much of a dancer myself, but after watching "Dirty Dancing" I sure could be! Again, going off the summer romance path, imagine going to a country club for the summer and falling for a stud like Johnny Castle? He can lift me into the air, any day! Plus, he totally pulls off those tight pants, am I right?

13. Michael Moscovitz, "Princess Diaries"

Another sensitive boy for the win! Michael Moscovitz definitely gets overlooked when it comes to rom-com crushes, but I mean, he literally was in love with Mia Thermopolis before, and after, her transformation. He loved her at her worst and definitely deserved her at her best. Michael would be the guy would love you, frizzy hair and no makeup day in all. He doesn't need anything fancy, just a girl with a good heart. #Goals!

14. Matt Flamhaff, "13 Going on 30"


Did someone say another nice guy should be in the mix? I got you! Matt Flamhaff aka Matty in "13 Going On 30," is another person example of a guy who will do anything for the girl he loves. Matty loved Jenna literally since they were kids and even after her weird time travel/stalker hunt for him, Matty still gives Jenna a second go! They were a couple I was rooting for the entire time, but in all honesty, I totally would've kissed Matty in the closet at Jenna's party! I mean, it's Mark Ruffalo!

15. Cliff Pantone, "Bring It On"


The 2000's sarcastic icon award goes to Cliff Pantone, aka the love interest of Torrance Shipman from "Bring It On." If anyone has ever had a crush on their best friend's brother, then you know how Torrance felt when she met Cliff. In my mind, I feel like Cliff is probably one the more realistic boy crushes you could have because it's not like he's the quarterback or the bad boy. He's just the new girl's brother. Plus, Cliff has a great sense of humor and a kind heart. Could you ask for any better?

16. Nick Young, "Crazy Rich Asians"


What a humble man! While money helps a lot, money isn't everything and Nick Young from "Crazy Rich Asians" proves that. Nick plays basketball at the YMCA and always will let you eat 95% of any dessert you share. If that wasn't enough, he is also the heir of an extremely large Chinese fortune. But, don't stress if you aren't rich enough to match up to him, he doesn't care! He just wants to spend time and spoil you, since he will love you no matter what! Sounds pretty good to me!

17. Aaron Samuels, "Mean Girls"


Do you think he looks sexy with his hair pushed back? Aaron Samuel dated Regina George (ew) and Cady Heron (also kinda ew, since she treated him so badly), I think he needs an upgrade? Maybe that's you! Watching "Mean Girls," you probably expected to watch a hilarious comedy about the realness of high school and cliques, which is true. But, you also get to stare at Aaron Samuel's face for 97 minutes so it's a win-win!

18. Jack Dawson, "Titanic"


Do you love bad boys? Do you love romantic guys? Do you like the adventurers of the world? Jack Dawson is the man for you! Jack may have just been a straggler on the Titanic, but he knows how to treat a girl right. Take you to an Irish jig? Jack did that. Draw you as a beautiful still life? Jack did that. Sacrifice himself so you can live in the freezing ocean? Jack did that too! Jack is probably the best of the best and Rose didn't deserve him. Girl, you could've made room on that plank of room. Jack Dawson deserves justice... and a new girlfriend!

Now, I know all these characters are fictional, sadly, but these are the boys we fell in love with growing up. And, we still have major heart eyes for them! So, while Jimmy in your English class may be struggling to ask you out, you now have 19 movies to binge until he finally gets the courage. And if he doesn't, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2" comes out this February, just in time for Valentines Day and more Peter Kavinsky!

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