So you live at home while you're in college? Wow, me too. Here are 13 things that you know all too well about the joys of being a college commuter:

1. Some days you have to wake up super early to go to school and then you wonder why you don't live on campus during your entire drive to school.

Like seriously, you could have gotten an extra 30 minutes to an hour of sleep that night. On the plus side, you do get to sleep in your own comfy bed every single night.

2. Speaking of waking up, if you're anything like me, your house is your alarm clock.

I mean how could anyone get any sleep with younger siblings and parents running around the house making sure they leave on time for school or work.

3. By the time you get to school, parking is a nightmare.

Seriously, why do all of these people who live on campus have to drive 200 feet and take our parking spots?

4. You pack your lunch almost every day.

And then laugh at all of the people who have to eat Subway or Papa John's every single day while we enjoy some home cooked leftovers or fresh fruit and veggies.

Disclaimer: No I don't carry around a Hello Kitty or Thomas the Train lunchbox.

5. At the end of the day, you're so excited to go home.

Hello, nice comfy bed and home cooked meals, here we come.

6. You have the gift of choice.

You choose exactly when you hang out with friends, get involved, or just stay home and do nothing all day. No peer pressure and no nagging.

7. You save A TON of money.

Everyone in college is complaining that they are broke while we are rolling in the dough. $10,000 extra a year to live on campus in a crappy dorm room with complete strangers? No thanks.

8. Your downtime in between classes is spent in the library studying.

While most students living on campus spend their downtime in between classes napping, you spend your hours in the library studying and getting ahead of the game.

9. Your mom is your R.A.

And the best one at that, mothers do know best.

10. Nasty showers or public bathrooms are not necessary.

We get to shower in our nice showers or bathtubs at home without shower shoes.

11. PETS.

While students who live on campus never get to see their pets, or animals of any sort, we commuters get to see ours every single day.

12. You always have clothes to wear.

Unlike students living on campus, we have our full closets at our fingertips and free washers and dryers to do our laundry with.

13. It was the best decision you've ever made.

Even if you're not a hundred percent sure right now with the decision you made about living at home while in college, your bank account will definitely thank you later in life.